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Doubts over UK government claims on London attack

23 May 2013

It is not clear how the incident in London turned so violent

Multi-BBC News:

Doubts over UK government claims on London attack

Africa is rich in resource. But British ruled, as the result the influx of Africans migrated to Britain after the end of the colonial era are causing tensions between the Christian community and the Muslim population. In this latest eruption, one man died, two injured.

Woolwich, in south-east London, used to be a peaceful Kentish village until it became one of the UK's leading military bases. It was home to the Royal Arsenal, the Royal Military Academy and the Royal Horse Artillery, and is still home to the Royal Artillery Barracks near which the deadly clash took place.

It was not the first time the violence occurred in the district in the recent years. During the 2011 England riots, Woolwich had a number of buildings burned down, including the Great Harry Wetherspoons' Pub, the Wimpy burger restaurant and Coral bookmakers. Several shops, including Nando's and Charles Dance, were looted or damaged.

Yet the destruction of Woolwich was under-reported by the British media, thus the local residents wrote their thoughts on the hoarding around the shell of the Great Harry. Yet the writing was later deemed to be graffiti, and painted over by the Council.

For a while, it seemed that all antagonism had been successfully whitewashed.

But not for long.

Now police cars, their lights flashing, were again making circuits through town in a show of force. Officers on foot were patrolling the streets and more armed police have cordoned off the scene of the latest violence - a street near Royal Artillery Barracks.

The government's version is that a couple of black men what it calls "terrorists" were in the street and attacked a British Royal soldier. The soldier was knifed to death and beheaded in a typical Jihad fashion, it says.

A dozen police sent to the scene were then forced shot the "gangsters" and captured the both.

There have been no independent accounts of what happened, until now. The government's story is the only one that has been put forward.

The black men, allegedly, were very religious. Officials might have, for a certain period, been pressuring the men for whatever the reason.

Britain has dominated Africa for centuries. Its treatment of the African migrants now mirrors that during the colonial era in Africa, to carve a fake facade of democracy and liberty on the one hand and to deal with security threats with an iron fist on the other.

The recent influx of Muslin migrants means that Christians may no longer in the majority in Britain before long. The White Christians feel their culture is threatened, their rights to dominant the British society are restricted.

UK authority and media often claim international terrorist groups influence the violence in Britain. There have been a series of attacks since Iraqi war in which police and officials have been targeted.

British Prime Minister David Cameron said there were "strong indications" the attack was a terrorist incident."We will not be cowed, we will never buckle," he said.

From outside the UK some preach holy war, posting jihadist videos on the internet, saying Muslins want to take over Britain. But these groups are just tiny offshoots from al-Qaeda and the Taliban.

There is no conclusive evidence that these militants have the ability to organise attacks inside Britain.

More at BBC News.


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