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Hind and Seek: China's anti-corruption campaign - find tigers and flies

21 May 2013

The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection (CCDI) is an organization within Chinese Government which investigates corruption and other wrongdoings among the cadres. A couple of days ago the boss of CCDI declared his plan to send inspectors around to find out tigers (corrupted high officials) and flies (corrupted local officials), which we regard is a positive step. However, many Chinese have different opinions:

匹责: "全党动手一起抓"?就八千万党员,其中不少就是贪污腐败的犯罪分子和混迹党内的叛徒内奸,怎么个"一起抓"法?自己拧着自己的头发往上提? 反腐不依靠群众不发动群众不打一场反腐的人民战争,就是忽悠,忽悠人民。

To mobilise all CCP members to find and catch tigers? How is this supposed to be done while a great number of the CCP members are tigers and flies themselves? The only way to clear government corruption is to mobilise the people in the grassroots, otherwise the campaign will be nothing more than empty talks.

红玉米: 有个老虎十八后刚下山.

Tell you where is the tiger. A big one just went down the mountain this March [Wen Jiabao stepped down as premier in March].

防盗锁: 这么大的温老虎都看不见,巡视啥? 潘仁美闹的沸沸扬扬听不见?

Tiger? Wen Jiabao is known by almost everyone on the planet as the biggest tiger in China, why don't you catch him?

唐唐689: 谁主张"铁路"私有化、谁在加快"城镇化"建设、谁在推进"土地私有化",有人上台究竟要干什么?!放在中纪委面前的"老虎"不打,打"苍蝇"的意义何在!

Those who promote privatisation of railway and farmland and push for urbanization in the rural area are the real tigers. How CCDI is going to do with them?

凝*成石: 先杀几个发改委的再说.

If you can prosecute those in the National Development and Reform Commission your tiger-beating job shall be half done.

仰望东土: 薄公复出就是真功夫!

Restore Bo Xilai to his position if you really wanna fight with tiger.

公猫母猫: 二十七姨!人民大众没有忘记!

Wen Jiabao's 2.7 billion - we won't forget about that.

mutong001: 挖掉马铃薯就行了.

Once Wen Jiabao is prosecuted, you'll be on the right track.

人生883: 不查星空什么都是浮云.

As long as Wen Jiabao is not prosecuted, whatever you say won't convince us.


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