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A Teacher and His Student

21 May 2013

He is a professor at an university in Beijing, and he has long passed retirement age but his ambition for power and greed for money are still going strong. He urged the Chinese government to abolish old-age pensions because at an advanced age of 80s, he is still on the State Council's special payment as a top consultant; he advocated Chinese authority to stop unemployment benefits since his family has got incredibly rich during the privatisation of the state enterprises that he tirelessly promoted; he advised Chinese administration to put an end to compensations for work-related injuries as his wife, his son and other close relatives are running businesses and directly or indirectly employ a large number of workers. "That's the way to make people stick to their jobs," said he.

His other notable contributions to China's crooked development include encouraging Chinese government to reject the call for environmental protection. "China is in the middle phase of the development. We’ll have to go through the heavy industry stage, during which the pollution to the environment is unavoidable. But so what, we’ve gained the economic benefits (中国处于发展中阶段,重工业化是必经阶段,对环境的污染势必难免但我们获得了收益)," said he.

And his proposal to further increase the wide gap between rich and poor in China. "Is the wealth gap between rich and poor in China too big? Certainly not, in fact, it’s still not big enough. Only when we further increase the gap, socioeconomic advancement of the nation can then be achieved (中国的贫富差距还不够大,只有拉大差距,社会才能进步," said he.

And his recommendation to view an entire generation of Chinese workers as surplus population that should be discarded into social and economic garbage bins. "In order for the economic reform to succeed, we have no choice but to sacrifice an entire generation, that is 30 million old workers (为了达到改革的目标,必须牺牲一代人,这一代人就是3000万老工人), " said he.

And his praise for a slavery system. "800 million peasants and redundant workers are China’s huge assets, since their consistent presence under the current condition is necessary for the happy lives of the rich few (8亿多农民和下岗工人是中国巨大的财富,没有他们的辛苦哪有少数人的享乐,他们的存在和维持现在的状态是很有必要的)," said he.

And naturally he has detestation for state enterprises that are, in theory, shared not just by a rich few (to which he and his family belong) but everyone in the nation, including the poor and the weak whom he has deep contempt for. "If national assets were a bowl of rice, we should spit on it. (国有资产就是一碗饭,要往上面吐吐沫)," said he.

A rich and powerful guy, with the cause of the sudden explosion of his family wealth highly suspicious and with a ruthless anti-civilisation and anti-humanity mentality that would make Hitler blush, is understandably widely despised by Chinese public. But the reason for him to be loathed so strongly among the vast majority of Chinese people has more to do with that. It has a lot to do with his most proud student.

The student in question is Li Keqiang who now becomes China's premier, and because of hat, his teacher Li Inking the Chinese Hitler has been saluted as the "mentor of the nation" by the state-run media.

Last week the student announced that his State Council determined to further let market force run economy, regardless from where the force is generated or whether the force is covertly manipulated by the global capital elite group which is the case all the time.

With such a teacher and such a student taking control of China, Chinese people and the entire world community have a good reason to be apprehensive over China's direction of further development.

Below are some typical comments about Premier Li Keqiang and his teacher & mentor Li Yining:

卢麒元: 厉以宁先生读书不精,误人子弟且误尽苍生。厉先生不懂市场化的边界,基本人权是不能交易的。居住权就是基本人权,农民的宅基地就是我党保障农民基本人权的制度性安排。用所谓的“城镇化”掠夺农民的基本人权,你们的良知实在不足以支撑你们可怜的学问。

Economist Li Yining doesn't really understand economy and has misled his students and the nation. He's unable to comprehend the boundary of marketsation, for instance, the basic human rights that cannot be put onto the market to exchange for goods. Pushing "urbanisation" to rob the land rights of Chinese peasants is an act of violating the basic civil rights. What Li Yining and his student [Premier Li Keqiang] lack of are not just knowledge in economy but human conscience.

李北方: 批判的好,但原因不是读书不精造成的.

Well said. But the real reason behind these horrible policies is more than just being lack of good understanding of economics.


It is about their stance and view point. Relying on these crooks [Li Yining and Li Keqiang] to realise China dream of common prosperity for all people in the nation? You can keep dreaming on.

太史公说: 这老头培养出了多少严嵩、秦桧、和珅呀!面临这水土气高度污染的满目疮痍的中国,面对这连官府门口的狮子都脏的朝廷和这娼妓遍布的社会,你能说这是懂经济的人干出来的么?

This old man has brainwashed a group of people who become treacherous high officials! Look at China now, severe water, soil, air and spiritual pollution with toxic food and prostitutes everywhere, would anyone who knows economy lead China into a pathetic situation like this?

著我鞭先: 我朝阁首出其门下,良知从此路人矣!

As we have his student heading Chinese administration, no wonder China is now morally bankrupt.











旃坛道人: 社会主义市场经济,是有计划的市场经济,宏观调控和有计划生产不能丢,否定和丢掉计划,就不是中国特色社会主义,就是祸国殃民的新自由主义!

鄙人赵大: 相信市场力量就是相信资本力量,那要国家机关做什么?



求关注帮转2012: 建议重建国务院!



北山老猎手6:强烈建议以后总理这职位得整个“资质认证”, 资质条例向全国人民公开,符合要求滴才能当总理。


无空空道人: 令人难以置信,这种市场原教旨主义的陈词滥调竟然出自中国总理之口。当畸形的市场运行导致全球经济危机,各西方大国纷纷祭起国家调控大旗的时候,中国却反其道而行.









沅理: 李市场诞生了哈哈哈哈.





尘海沧桑: 巿场经济就是资本主义。撒切尔夫人就说过"社会主义不可能有巿场经济"。市场化,实质是私有化;私有化的实质是殖民地化;殖民地化就是向美帝交出国家管理的主权



AC之星: 他信仰的是殖民主义!李克强政府在违宪!



毛猴大哥: 厉以宁教授除了“看不见的爪子”还能教出啥!

喜马拉雅阳光: 嘴巴太大,一张嘴就让人看到内裤了。




正月头一天: 再这样搞下去真没有希望了!

我爱苍狼大地:没有办法了?交给市场。 30年中国基础工业从无到强,到支援第三世界人民,却说是不懂经济,这30年如果不卖国有资产,不是盘剥民众的房地产有甚市场.






牛牛612345: 估计过两年还要乱。


匹责: 国污源早已经变成了一个贼窝. 小李子最近的所谓放权,刀刀砍滴都是人民铁路。它这是想把国民经济的大动脉变成动脉硬化。看看印度滴混乱不堪车顶车外爬着一大堆、一死一大片滴铁路是怎么个作为杀人机器残害印度人民滴,就知道小李子滴这个出访第一是想去干什么鸟。 ...

毛派必胜: 谁来给国务院的权力涂上防腐剂、套上笼子?


轻言细语72:下课吧 .





Market-driven Education

A public school in Guangdong demands a "nap fee" for students to take nap during lunch time. What a great legacy from former Guangdong boss Wang Yang, now the vice premier in Li Keqiang's State Council!


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