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Has Taiwan ever brought anything positive to the mainland?

1 May 2013

Kuomintang (the Nationalist Party) government has a tradition of cooperating with foreign forces in order to eliminate its rivals at home. After Japanese army took over China's northeast region and established a "Manchuguo" with the help from the Manchu tribe, president Chiang Kai-shek refused to send troops to drive Japanese away until 6 years later when Japanese occupied Beijing and he was backed into a corner at his rebellious generals' gunpoint.

Now Ma Ying-jeou, the president of Kuomintang government for Taiwan Province, goes even further - he works side by side with Japanese military force, like a typical hanjian did during the WWII, to drive away Chinese fishing trawlers and fight against China's defence forces patrolling the Diaoyu Islands.

Below are what Chinese say at online social network about the negative influence that Taiwan has on China's healthy development and the current Taiwan policy formulated by the Chinese government which is very unpopular in China:

仰望民煮归来: Labour Day in China is now smeared with the blood of young peasant workers who are driven to suicide by the cruel and exploitative Taiwan businessmen and corrupted Chinese government officials. 五一劳动节,权贵资本们以血腥证明了十年的繁荣,猫御屎无精炼贺卫方们请将民主自由在血汗工厂里绽放生命之花,请将自由民主分享给这些资本奴隶.

贠建伟: Silent Mode? What Silent Mode? I wonder if Taiwan businessmen are going to further introduce a "vibrational mode" in the workplace. By then the workers have to use sign language to communicate with each other. 次凹,静音模式?什么时候改成震动模式,见面时候只能哆嗦两下?包身工 ... 什么狗模式.

春天的故事微博:I used to read a story from my high school textbook about child-labours at Japanese factory in Shanghai when Kuomintang ruled China. Now we've returned to that age again. 中学时有课文叫《包身工》说是就是这情况,不过现在推行私有制改革,不让说这个了,现在没剥削了吧应该,或着不让廛剥削这个词了。

不谋私利温斯顿: Wherever there is Foxconn, wherever there are suicidal workers. Foxconn is definitely a garbage company. But what can you do in China? The local governments are bribed by Foxconn. 差不多吧,富士康建到哪里,哪里的员工就跳楼。可以说,富士康绝对是个垃圾企业. 地方政府都派公务员给富士康打工了,还咋治?

为女儿加油百分百:Such cold blooded business ought to be shut down, and such heartless businessman should be locked behind bars. 冷S血的企业 压抑的员工 这样的企业不解散真愧对祖国 这样的企业家不判刑真愧对人民.

臦臦臦臦臦臦臦:Apart from a few good guys which are not many, the majority of businessmen, media guys and showmen from Taiwan are just plain jokes. Look at what they've done in the mainland - they've dragged China back to the pre-1949 era. 除了少数几个好的,看看大部分那些拿钱袋子的拿笔杆子的耍嘴皮子的台湾人都在大陆干了些什么。十几年工夫就把中国拉回到49年前的国民党时代。



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