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the Ryukyu (Okinawa) Independence Declaration (English Translation)

12 May 2013

Let us go separate ways with Japan. We have the right to determine our own future. We urge you, our brothers and sisters in the Ryukyu Islands: It is time to abandon Japan, and to go independence!

Let us recapture the independent spirit of Ryukyu, let us formulate new social political goals and objectives for Okinawa and let us work together to open doors to a bright future.

The heavy burdens that we bear are forcibly placed on our back by the United States and its puppet Japanese regime. The problems with the U.S. military bases in Okinawa, with the crimes committed by the US soldiers, with the Japan-U.S. Status of Forces Agreement, with a plan to relocate US Marine Corps Air Station to Henoko, with civil protection laws, and with the general poverty in Okinawa community and its dependent economic model that we are stuck in, are all derived from a set of discriminatory policies against Okinawa people formulated by the Japanese Government.

Now Japan poised to alter the Peace Constitution and regain the rights to belligerency. With the "Secret Treaties" and the "Contract Agreement" between the Japanese and the US governments, we Okinawa people have become hostages to the US and human shields for Japan whenever a war should erupt. This demonstrates how "sincere" the Japanese government is when it claims that it is going to reduce Okinawa's involvement in Japan's war games.

Then why should we keep tying our fate to Japan?

We do not want to be part of the country that will certainly go down history as a rogue state for the horrendous war crimes committed against other countries, and it is time for us to say goodbye to this war-like nation. We want to join the world community that loves peace and we want to participate in the global effort to build a more civilized humanity. Now it is time for us to make our choice. It is not enough just to voice our opposition to the war-monger governments of Japan and the United States, we need to take real actions to solve the problem at its core.

We, people from all the islands in the boundary of Ryukyu Arc, want to create a peaceful and prosperous Ryukyu society with our own hand. As a country with its strength in arts, technology, culture and sports, Okinawa looks forward to establishing a cordial and constructive relationship with its Asian neighbours.

We have wisdom, ability and courage to build a peaceful new Ryukyu, and what we need now is to fight for all Ryukyu islands to be politically independent from Japan, for our society to be unbound with the state dominated by war machines, for our people to be liberated from a second-class citizen existence, and for our nation to be free of poverty and injustice. Let us unite and reclaim our dignity.

Time to act, for a new Ryukyu, for an independent Ryukyu! Victory belongs to us!

The organisations signed on the declaration:

Ryukyu Independent Citizen Association
The Preparatory Committee for the Interim Government of the Ryukyu Republic
The Administrative Committee for Voting for Okinawa Independent County
Association for Ryukyu Independence Research
Committee for Conservation of Okinawa Central System
Association for Supporting Ryukyu Independence Movement.

Date of signature:
March 4, 2006


Ryukyu Republic

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