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40 Years of Struggle: Ryukyu Independence Movement

12 May 2013

According to the referendum in Ryukyu Prefect, 75% voters support Ryukyu to become an independent state.

Ryukyu Islands have a population of 1.4 million people, and is home to 74% of US troops stationed in Japan. A deep rooted anti-Japanese sentiment, along with a strong presence of foreign military forces and a high crime rate related to the US troops constantly fuel the independence movement.

Ryukyu people held a rally urging to establish an Interim Government independent from Japan, calling to form a close tie with China and demand the United States to withdraw all its troops from the Islands.

The revival of the neo-Fascist movement in Japan and the US military presence in the islands bring a sense of urgency to the Ryukyu people about the danger they're facing. They refuse to be used as sacrificial lambs at the alter of the impending war.


Japanese PM Shinzo Abe: Japan's wartime actions should not be defined as “aggression".

Russian President Vladimir Putin: So you wanna an apology and compensation for being wrongly nuked and militarily occupied for over sixty years? Don't say that to me, I didn't do it. Americans did. Tell them, tell them to their face. Be brave, don't keep changing your story, won't you?

T-90 tanks drive through Red Square in Moscow rehearsal of Victory Day parade.
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