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Tomb Sweeping Festival:
Huge Crowd Lined Up
to Pay Homage to Chairman Mao

7 April 2013

Despite the government deliberately shut down the Mausoleum for two days during the Tomb Sweeping long weekend, Chinese still flocked to the Tiananmen Square paying tribute to the founding father of the PRC. In fact many consider Chairman Mao as the only man who can ever be addressed as the founding father of the modern China, although some power-broker families like to recommend their own forebears as the "founders" of the "republic" or "reformed" China.


People lined up in a long queue making their way to the mausoleum on the day when it was not closed by the authority.

The queue was miles long but people waited hours patiently just for a chance to say hello to their leader, who is viewed as the guardian angel of the Chinese nation.

A group of young people in Guangzhou gathered before the monument to the Xinhai Revolution that destroyed the tribe dynasty of Manchu invaders.

Yet they were not there paying homage to Sun Yet-san, the figurehead of the Revolution, but to Chairman Mao, the real founding father of the Modern China.

They believe that without the CCP, there would be no independent New China (The PRC), and without Chairman Mao, there would be no strong CCP that led the liberation movement.

Just look back in history for what happened in China after Chairman Mao and his leading comrades passed away, we know they are right. A usurper hijacked the leadership and established his own family dynasty that behaves like a local branch of secret global organization for the world's "New Order". This family dynasty and its associates have almost undone all the good and hard works did by the nation in the last century and set the country back into a semi-colonial state (one of Li Keqiang's State Council official said a few days ago that only when the foreign capital investment is free to purchase China's railway, the reform on railway system can then be considered as successful).

In Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province, a group of young people laid flowers before Chairman Mao's statue during the tomb sweeping season.

Also honoured by Chinese public are Bo Xilai's parents. The tomb sweepers thanked them for bringing up a people's leader and national hero who was the only one in Chinese government openly refused to toe the line on the rules handed down by the secret family dynasty and the world government-wanna-be, but followed Chairman Mao's teaching and defend the interest of the nation.


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