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Beijing Opera: Cry at Qin's Court
When A Treacherous Official
Invited Foreign Army

to Invade His Kingdom

7 April 2013

"The founding emperor established a great empire that is respected by all kingdoms around."


"But when Prince Ping took the helmet, the rule was corrupted; and when Prince Ping takes the helmet, the kingdom has already become wretched."


"The schemers and the traitors were promoted; and the schemers and the traitors are still throwing their weight around."


"So those defected and those dissoluted led the way for the foreign powers to press upon the borders; and those defected and those dissoluted lead the way for the foreign powers to break into the state."


"As an official loyal to the country, how can I sit aside and do nothing but watch the land taken?"


"It shall be the time, and the time for me to die, for the kingdom and in the battle to defend its sovereign."

Cry at Qin Court is a classic repertoire in Gao style of Beijing Opera, which is founded by Gao Qingkui (高庆奎), one of the four "greatest mature male role performers" (四大须生) on Being Opera stage. Other three are Ma Lianliang (马连良), Yu Shuyan (余叔岩) and Yan Jupeng (言菊朋).

Gao created the most upbeat and robust Mature male singing style in Beijing Opera, which is full of audio power and muscular vigour, like Xu Yulan style for male role in Yueju Opera, Yuan Binzhong style for male role in Huju Opera and Wang Binbin as well as Zhou Dongliang styles in Xiju Opera.

Gao style is extremely difficult for singers to master, but is excellent in conveying a heroic sentiment, and the leading role in one of the best ever modern Chinese Operas "Jie Zhengguo" is singing in this formidable style. In the dark reality of today's China and at the turning point in human history that is calling for heroes, these bright and energetic male singing styles could become increasingly popular among Chinese people.

Xin Baoda (辛宝达), from the PLA's Beijing Opera Troupe (北京军区战友京剧团) and cried in Cry at the Qing Court, is the third generation inheritor of the Gao style.


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