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Woman Crushed to Death During Forced Demolition

2 April 2013

On Saturday morning, March 30, at Flowing Village (湖北省恩施土家族苗族自治州巴东县沿渡河镇西边淌村), Hubei Province, a 44-year old woman was crushed to death deliberately by a cement tank truck from property developer over a land compensation dispute. According to the driver, he was ordered to kill the woman by his boss over the phone.

Here are two of the typical online comments from weibo:

姜雁航: 平地千里哀民哭,急拆迁,同胞荼!不及诀别,碎尸乡土路。黄泉冤魂未走远,耳尤闻,可幸福? 豪楼大厦重新铸,原来是,白骨筑!无人问责,可否惧天诛?庶民哀嚎鬼欢呼,请钟馗,斩妖狐! (As urbanization is forced upon the rural population, the sound of cry and the bodies of the dead are everywhere. The luxury mansions are built with the bones and fleshes of the peasants. Yet for all these crimes, no one in the government takes responsibility and no official is ever found guilty of. However, the justice may be delayed but will not be denied.)

吴*柱: 权贵们对平民的欺压,已经达到了令人难以容忍的地步,若短期内政府不能给民众以安全感,打黑除恶,那么,民众会自发成立除暴队,暗杀的旧时代产物又要复生。公力不济,民众自治。(The ruling elites' oppression on the mass has already reached a breaking point. If the government fails to deliver justice, civilian vigilantes may pop up to take the law into their own hands, thus violent confrontations including the assassination of some government officials responsible for the social misery may occur again. [which was a norm during Manchu's era and the time under the Nationalist Government]


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