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2,000 People in Guangdong Rally to Protest Violence against Peasants

2 April 2013

On last Friday, March 29, at High Hill Village (广东省茂名市信宜市高山村), Guangdong Province, around 2,000 villagers gathered to rally with the message on a banner read "blood debt must be paid".

The villagers in High Hill lived and farmed in this land for generations until one day the government ordered them to sell their land to a developer as part of the urbanisation rush. They refused and determined to defend their home and their thousands-year old right to be peasants.

So on March 29, Yixing City authority (信宜市政府) sent a bus-load of gangsters in military uniform and armed with steel bars and iron bars to accompany developer's forklift trucks to invade the village.

When villagers resisted the forced destruction of their crops and houses, they were violently beaten with the metal bars by the armed gangsters.

More than 30 villagers were injured.

Some required close medical attention -

Some needed surgical treatment -

Some were in serious condition -

After three days without response from the government that orchestrated the violent attack, the villagers went to the street, demanding the justice.

But will the justice ever come to Chinese peasants without Wen Jiabao (温家宝), Li Keqiang (李克强), Wang Yang (汪洋), Sun Zhencai (孙政才) and the clique that they belong to be investigated and prosecuted?


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