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Government Officials Threw a Kid off the Roof During Forced Demolition

2 April 2013

The government officials in Henan do not have a proud record in treating the peasants with basic respect ever since the time when Li Keqiang ruled the province between 1998 and 2004. How Li acted towards the AIDS victims and their children are widely known in the world, and the tradition created by him has passed on.

The following photos taken by an eye witness and posted online document how some officials in Henan broke into a private property and performed a murderous act:

A Henan business decided to forcibly demolish a family home that is in the way of its property development project, so some Henan government officials bravely went to the frontline along with a band of armed men in military gear.

The household members tried to defend their property and a boy from the family climbed onto the roof in an attempt to stop the demolition.

The government official and his aid grabbed the boy and threw him off the roof.


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