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Man Crushed to Death During Forced Demolition

2 April 2013

Last Thursday afternoon, March 27, at West Spring Village (河南中牟县姚家乡西春岗村), Henan Province, a man in his prime was crushed to death in his farmland by a forklift truck from property developer belonged to Henan Hongyi International Agricultural Science Technology Corp (河南省弘亿国际农业科技公司).

The company planned to transform large scale of agricultural land into a giant tourist park, and offered a rather low price of 8,000 yuans to turn about 1 hectare of land, that the man and his cousins were given the right to cultivate forest, into a road. The cousins declined the price, thus the company sent forth the forklift and a group of armed men and leveled the field by force. As the cousins rushed to interfere, one of them fell under the wheels when he saved the another from being rolled over by the forklift driving backward.

This is an event waiting to happen on the process of implementing Wen Jiabao-Li Keqiang's land circulation and rural urbanisation masterplan, drafted under the World Bank's directive. A villager surnamed Liang told the Tonight newspaper (今晚报) that among 700 hectares of land purchased by the company, a sizeable proportion of them was forcibly acquired against villagers' will. For those who refused the deal, the company would cut off the roads to or wire fence the plots of land to make the peasants unable to gain access to.

Here are two of the typical online comments from weibo:

博联社马晓霖:我表妹在宁夏吴忠得到的威胁也是如此:村官、镇管面对反对强拆的人说:我们不怕出人命!此前回乡探亲曾听说,强力推进拆迁的领导让拆迁公司的推土机铲车牵挂着20多万元:拆迁费就这么多,拿走!不要命,赔钱,也是这么多,我们准备好了。(My cousin in Ningxia said those who refused to sell their land received threats from the government officials and the developers: "We are not afraid of getting someone killed". And they would send forklift to the land with a bag containing 200,000 yuans hung on the front of the truck. "That's all the money we are gonna pay", they told the property owners. "If you are happy with it, this is the price for your land; if you are unhappy and want to die, this will be the compensation for your death.")

占豪:死个人,地方政府还没仔细调查就说“纯属意外”!只是刑拘开车的,不刑拘幕后法人,这种事就会层出不穷。一般这种事,只要纪委调查,里边基本都有腐败!(Without proper investigation, the local government has already drawn conclusion that the death was a pure accident. And they only detain the forklift driver but press no charge against the people behind the coerced land circulation and forced demolition, thus the similar incidents will keep emerging. For a deadly dispute like this, if the discipline committee take a close look, they will certainly expose corruption elements within, I have no doubt about that.)


Henan Hongyi International Agricultural Science Technology Corp.

The first from the left: the CEO of the corp that robs the farmland from peasants in a Mafia-like manner. The second from the right: the deputy mayor of Zhengzhou and one of the local sponsors of the blood smeared urbanisation movement in Henan.

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