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Demoncrazy in Chinese Village

2 April 2013

Guangdong is reputed for being one of the most corrupted regions in China, thanks, at least partly, to Wang Yang, a vice premier and the former Guangdong governor, in the previous five years or so. When it comes to village election, Guangdong style democracy bears all the hallmarks of demon-crazy.

Recently during the election campaign in a freshly urbanized Baiyunxiaogang Village in Guangdong, six candidates set up 6-day banquet with 130 tables to accommodate a thousand dinners at a local school's sports ground to openly bribe the voters, according to China's state media.

"This is just a way to help the voters to know who their candidates are," explained one of the candidates when interviewed. "People get enough of the current village administration," added he.

The current village authority is believed to be rather corrupt, as the guys follow Li Keqiang's "reform dividend" doctrine very closely. A villager complained to journalist that the stock dividend from village's joint business venture has dropped from 32 yuan per share in 1999 to 16 yuan by now, and that the community income hasn't been used to improve villager's welfare. "Say this sports ground. It is the village's public infrastructure, but the administration contracts out the management of the venue, as the result we villagers have to pay for coming here to do exercise."

Clearly, if a position with the village administration brings no better "dividend", there is no reason for the candidates to dig deep into their own pocket to provide the voters with weeklong banquets.


China's Village Election

Village level election has been put in place for decades, which is one of the major sources of rural corruption. Member election only works in an organization or community in which people have common goals. In a society driven by selfishness and money worship, people’s interests conflict with each other, and any election would be corrupted by money politics. It is the case in the US, The Philippines, Iraq, and that farcical place called Taiwan province ....

A social system is just the external manifestation of the internal mental state of the people – a certain people will only be able to establish a certain social system that they deserve. Any political reform which can contribute to a meaningful social progress will have to start, not from the social structure, but people’s mind - the change of the popular culture and the collective consciousness.

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