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Obama regime's Heartless Insult to Uighur victims

26 April 2013

On Tuesday lunchtime at about 1.30pm, three social workers from Bachu County, in Kashgar Prefect of Xinjiang Province, paid a routine visit to a household in Buchu town when patrolling the neighbourhood.

The social workers and the family knew each other well - they are in fact from the same ethnic Uighur community. But when the workers noticed some suspicious individuals congregated in the house watching terrorist training videos, spotted the presence of a large quantity of illegal knives, and reported their findings to the police through the phone, they were attacked and subsequently killed by the people in the household.

By the time the police squad and more social workers arrived, the house was set alight along with the bodies of the three victims. The mobs immediately turned on the police and assailed the officers with knives that measured 1.2m long. The problem is that since the majority of police officers in the squad also came from the same Uighur community and knew the family well, they did not even bother to bring weapons with them, apart from a handgun carried by the police chief, a man with ethnic Mongol background. After the police chief fired all six bullets, the group was forced into an empty room and burned alive by the mobs.

The situation eventually brought under police control with 8 arrests made, but 21 lives lost. Of the 21 casualties, 15 are police officers and social workers, and among the 15, 10 are ethnic Uighurs, 3 from ethnic Han and 2 with an ethnic Mongol background.

It was a time when terror reigned at the town, very much like what happened immediately after 9.11 incident in New York, after 7.7 train bombing in London and after 4.15 Marathon bombing in Boston. The only difference is that in Bachu the feeling of horror didn't linger long. By next day all the shops were reopened and life carries on as it was before.

But, yes, there is another difference between the terrorist incident in China and in the US/UK. The Obama regime and the Western media did not offer condolence to the victims' families, like Chinese President did after Boston bombing, but condemned the Chinese government. In fact, Obama and his henchmen in the media got so high that is almost like a group of hyenas who have smelled the blood: they used this opportunity to make up stories about China's ethnic cleansing and demand the rights for the perpetrators.

What's indeed interesting is that in the statement issued by the US State Department on Wednesday, the spokesman admitted that the US ambassador to China, Gary Locke, was "coincidently" in Xinjiang on the day when the premeditated terrorist attack on the police officers and the social workers occurred.

Chinese online community reacted furiously over the heartless comments by the US government that insulted the Uighur families who just lost their loved ones. The following are some of the typical responses:

Pig Herd: Boston bombing suspect, one was killed by the US police, another has a gunshot wounded in the throat so he can't speak - why the US government tried so hard not to let them defend themselves?

Heart of Iron: US ambassador Gary Locke was in Xinjiang "by coincidence"? Really?

CallMeSYlar: America should also take measures to promote peace in your own country since you are gonna have more gunshots fired pretty soon.

DM: Those who bomb US are terrorists, those who kill Chinese police (most of them are Uighurs) are freedom fighters. Hell-bound Obama regime, can you be more double standard than this? Be warned, you are virtually inviting more karmic bombs to your land.

Feiyang Military: We must forever remember who are our real enemies. [Obama regime, of course!]

stone: After the Boston bombing, Chinese president called Obama immediately offering condolence! After Bachu killing, US government immediately offering insult to Chinese victims. Will our government ever learn from the hard lesson provided by Obama?

amjm: Obama, you'd better take care of the terrorist attack in American soil before meddling in other people's internal affairs. By the way, we demand the US to return our money back without further delay.

*****: The US ambassador to China, Gary Locke, was in Xinjiang on Tuesday by "coincidence" - Can I suggest that there could be a link between the US ambassador to China and the terrorist attack in Xinjiang?

Traveler: I understand those guys want to make up stories about China's ethnic cleansing, but can you wait until a better opportunity comes up, since this time 10 out of 15 police officers murdered by the Uighur terrorists are ethnic Uighurs while other 2 are Mongols? Apart from abusing the Uighur victims and harvesting the hatred from the Uighur community, what else you have gained? [That's the result when the Obama puts his trust on Gary Locke - this wretched guy seriously lacks of judgment.]

People Lover: May I say the Boston bombing is part of people's movement against the US regime's dictatorship?

Wang Xiaodong: Next time when bombing incident happens again in the United States, Chinese government should press the US government on Muslin rights, urge the US authorities to conduct a thorough and transparent investigation of the incident and to provide all Us citizens – including Muslins – the due-process protections to which they’re entitled. They should also let the Obama administration know that they are “deeply concerned” by accounts of discrimination against Muslins and other ethnic and religious minorities in the US, and demand the US government to cease policies that seek to restrict the practice of Islamic faith across America.

Old Draught: Uighur and Tibetan separatists are sponsored by the US authority, what else do you expect to hear from that spokesman's foul mouth?

stbayi: Americans should really do some hard soul searching in terms of why some Chechens want to bomb the US.

bj-raining season: The key to resolve the problems from Uighur terrorist threat is to reinstall right ethnic policy which we had during Chairman Mao's era but was badly spoiled by Hu Yaobang.

Zhanhao: Showing mercy to the terrorists is a cruel act against the people.

East Loong: The tolerance of a minority group's anti-social acts is the violation of the majority people's rights.

Catastrophe: The US are behind the incident, definitely.

Guangdong Sister: Somebody [former premier Wen Jiabao] said that to save America is to save China, and now this is what China gets.

Mustang: The US is the country with the real potential for big and disastrous ethnic slash. We shall do what they've done to us. America's disintegration as an united empire is imminent.


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