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Chinese People and Chinese Army

26 April 2013

A Chinese grandma urged quake rescue officers to take her boiled eggs as the way to express her appreciation and gratitude for their work.

It was a common scene during the Anti-Japanese War and the Liberation War against Chiang Kai-Shek government, when the old grandmas would look after the young soldiers as if they were their own sons, a phenomenon that can only be observed in the PLA led and lectured by Chairman Mao.

In China's current environment that the government, the State Council in particular, along with its associated organizations have lost the popular support due to wide spread corruption, the private businesses, genuine or fake (such as Jet Li's "One Yuan Foundation" which apparently tries to use China disaster to raise fund in the mainland for the exiled Tibetan "government" in the name of charity) experience distrust even hostility as the result of their often exploitive and unethical business practice, and the state media is commonly viewed by the public as being highly suspicious or even treacherous as it frequently speaks for money and power instead of truth and justice (thanks to the effective coaching job done by the Western media guys and the strong leadership of State Council Information Office), leaving the PLA as the sole institution that Chinese people still can trust and rely on. During the rescue operation following the Saturday quake in Sichuan, the old scene of grandma taking care of the young soldiers reappeared.

This grandma cooked a hundred of eggs and waited at the road site to distribute them along with water bottles to the drivers of the military vehicles.

This grandma got up at 4am to cook a large quantity of rice and stir fry which she delivered to the soldiers with the help of her son (in blue jacket) who sent his mother and the lunch to the rescue frontline with his motor bike.

It's not just grandmas. A Chengdu journalist from a business newspaper captured a heart-touching scene with his camera in which a little boy offered a bottle of drink that he saved from his ration to rescue officers when they passed by.

A group of kids urged a solider to take their boiled eggs.

And it's not just local grandmas and kids. A Uighur grandpa from Xinjiang Province traveled to the quake zone to cook delicious Uighur-flavour lamb-carrot fried rice for the civisms.

And it's not even just grannies and kids. Young drivers offered free lift for the soldiers.

In fact, it's the people from all walks of life who are working side by side with the PLA, as it used to be, and as it will still be in the future whenever the trouble occurs.


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