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Yaan before the Saturday earthquake

24 April 2013

City of Yaan, looking down from Mt. Cai (蔡山). The hill ranges opposite belong to Mr Meng (蒙山), in which there is a trail through that Great Yu (大禹), three saint emperors ruled the Middle Kingdom thousands years ago, went to implement his monumental flood control project, as legend goes. Human casualties and property damage from the Saturday earthquake mainly occurred at the small towns and villages in the surrounding mountainous areas.

The ancient Shangli Town with over 2,000 years of history locates in Lushan County (芦山县), the epic centre of Saturday earthquake. It is a waterside scene in the town before 8.02am on April 20.

Like a typical traditional man-made environment in China, it is a piece of visual feast that attracts visual artists from all over the country. When the quake stroke, a about a thousand arts students were scattered around painting the townscape.

This is a piece of natural wonder in the mountainous area of Yaan before the earthquake

In this natural paradise, giant pandas have cultivated a bamboo chewing life-style long before humans started cultivating their vegetable gardens. In fact Yaan is where these over-weighted vegetarians were first discovered by the outside world.


An old town in Yaan

A piece of history in Yaan left by the Red Army on their way entering the Tibetan settlement areas during the Long March: Slogans painted on the town wall with white lime calling people to join the campaign to liberate China from the foreign powers and the corrupted Kuomintang government led by Chiang Kai-shek.

It became the starting point of the Tibetan liberation movement that eventually freed the surfs enslaved by Dalai Lama and his superstitious and cruel lama-ruling system.

Like in deadly 5.12 earthquake five years ago, Tibetan people are once again the major ethnic minority group that is hit hard by the Saturday disaster.

A sweeping rural scene during the day in Yaan

A brilliant urban scene at night in Yaan

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