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Another Deadly Quake Hit Sichuan after just 5 years

21 April 2013

An aerial view of damaged houses at Peace Town, Lushan County, Yaan, Sichuan Province (四川省雅安市芦山县太平镇)

According to China Earthquake Administration, a massive quake, measured at Richter Scale magnitude 7.0, struck at 8.02am local time on April 20 in Sichuan Province with the epicentre having a depth of a little less than 13 km. By the end of the day, at least 161 people were found killed and over 5,000 injured, with 846 aftershocks recorded. The latest aftershock occurred next morning with magnitude 4.6 at Leshan, where sets the world's biggest rock statue of Buddha.

It was just five years ago on May 12, 2008, when a 7.9 magnitude earthquake hit the same province of Sichuan with a death tool of 68,000 people.

The location of April 20 Quake in Yaan (雅安), Sichuan Province.

Collapsed houses in urban area.

A damaged house in rural area.

People in urban areas are forced to take refugee on street.

People in rural areas are forced to take refugee in open space.


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