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Lawsuit against Monsanto before the Deadly Blast

20 April 2013

As details emerge about the Texas fertilizer plant that was the site of Wednesday’s fatal explosion and fire, a few tidbits can be gleaned from a 2007 lawsuit that the plant’s owners filed against GM Multinational Monsanto Co, reported the Wall Street Journal.

The plant accused Monsanto of artificially inflating prices for its herbicide Roundup which is an act of anti-competition.

(Source of photo:

A Brief History of the United States

Dawn: bloody conquest, occupation and genocide

Morning: a new continent for the new masters

Noon: a new world ruled by a new empire through its strong military force, cunning financial institution and powerful propaganda machine

Afternoon: external war, war, war, internal explosion, explosion, explosion ...

Soon night will fall - (to be continued)


When GM Multinationals Control the Law

The Monsanto Company dominates more than just grow fields across the US, as evident in their stellar track record of taking small-time farmers to court and winning cases, an occurrence that Think Progress acknowledges happens roughly a dozen times a year. Time and time again, Monsanto’s patented, lab-made genetically engineered seeds are sold to one farmer, only for Mother Nature to move the crop onto neighboring fields with the help of a bit of wind. Just as often, of course, Monsanto’s team of high-paid litigators take the little guys to court, only to triumph thanks to a legal counsel that collects around $10 million a year just to take other farmers to court.

But as the directors and senior consultants from Monsanto and other MG giants are frequently appointed for some vital positions in US government, what the chance for the American farmers to have their rights defended by the government?

China's Agricultural Minister demanded to reveal Its secret agreement with Monsanto

In September 2009, Agricultural Minister Sun Zhengcai was arranged by the Monsanto to take a trip to the United States visiting his son studying there in the name of a business trip. Sun was picked up at the airport by Monsanto and stayed at Monsanto's headquarters where luxury accommodation was provided. Here is an announcement released in September 2009 on the official website of the ministry:

"The Agriculture Minister Sun Zhengcai met with his American counterpart".

And here is another online announcement in the same month (September 2009) by the ministry:

"Deputy Minister Niu Dun met with Monsanto's Deputy CEO …", "to vigorously implement the agreement between Minister Sun Zhengcai and Monsanto CEO Hugh Grant."

It is quite obvious that the agreement which the deputy minister pledged to Monsanto's deputy CEO to be implemented "vigorously" was forged during minister Sun Zhengcai's US visit.

Yet the content of the agreement has never been revealed to the Chinese public.

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