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Aging in China

9 March 2013

Happy Internatinal Women's Day

This Chinese woman has turned 94 this year, and this aging Chinese has to rely on a walking stick to get around, but this frail Chinese elderly still has to work, every day, as she has a pile of medical bills to pay since her 70-year-old daughter has cardiovascular disease and diabetic condition.

It is very likely that the ultra rich family members from Premier Wen Jiabao's household, or even premier himself, or the self-portrayed simple living model premier-wanner-be Li Keqiang, or his colleagues, have noted her, since where she works is right in the front of Beijing's No. one commercial centre: around the front entrance to the Eastwinds Shopping Centre in the heart of the Wangfujing Avenue, just thousands meters away from a well-guarded quadrangle courtyard residence where Wen Jiabao family resides, and just thousands meters away from a well-guarded palace garden Middle-South Sea where Li Keqiang entertains his personal mentor Li Yining and other get-rich-quick VIPs with lavish banquet from time to time.

Don't tell us the guys who could travel so far to the seclude mountain villages in the remote part of China with a large crew of cameramen and journalists to dig up potatoes, tear open instant noodle packages and eat dumplings would have no knowledge of a leg-broken old lady examining garbage bins to search for recyclable items to sell, and does so in a place just next to them, and next to them for so many years.

Here are what some Chinese say about this aging ill working woman:

雾里*-鸟这老太太难道木有身份证吗?出借呀。 (Doesn't she have a personal ID card? Lend it out to make money!) [Wen Jiabao's 90-year old mother earned $17 trillion just by lending out her personal ID card to a "business woman". Reportedly in an internal statement, Wen Jiabao admitted that he made a mistake by not being able to stop his son from taking business venture. Well, how about his aging mother then? Is she also so strong minded and money hungry with no concern for her son's political reputation? Wen Jiabao probably needs to engage a smarter spin doctor to help make more credible lies.]

刘*昱: 让一个94岁老人靠捡垃圾桶为生的制度是谁指定的?他的退休工资多少万?就不能分1千给这些没有退休工资的老百姓吗!(Under what kind of government a 94-year-old woman has to survive by collecting recycle materials? What will be the amount of his (Wen Jiabao's) retirement pension plus special allowances? I believe even if Wen can give away one in every thousand yuans he receives, all pension-less old people in China shall be well fed, well housed and well looked after.

甘陇*人:找个推车送去温家.(Find a vehicle to send this lady to Wen Jiabao's residence.)

车人合一的男人: 看到的是老无所依,病无所医的未来。(That's what I see about the future for Chinese people: the old and the sick are abandoned by the state.)

刺头马甲:政府帮你来养老。多么朴实的话语。——那是白天说谎话。黑夜说鬼话。平时说屁话。(Who said that: Don't worry about having kids, the government will look after you in your old age. -- What a lie!)

又是秋叶飘飞时狗屁计划生育好,政府来养老![在人类历史上计划生育只在一个特定时期针对过一个特定人群:时间--耶教文明的世界财团寻求清除“垃圾”人口一统世界之际;对象--传承华夏文明的主体民族] (Family planning is a bullshit policy. Don't believe that the government will ever help you.)


But here are what Li Keqiang's No. one consultant Li Yining said about the old and poor people in China:

我建议取消所谓的养老保险、失业保险、工伤保险等等福利,目的是保持大家的工作热情和能力.(I call for the full abolition of old-age pensions, unemployment benefits, compensations for work-related injuries and all other welfare payments, that's the way to make people stick to their jobs.)

8亿多农民和下岗工人是中国巨大的财富,没有他们的辛苦哪有少数人的享乐,他们的存在和维持现在的状态是很有必要的. (800 million peasants and redundant workers are China’s huge assets, since their consistent presence under the current condition is necessary for the happy lives of the rich few.)

中国的贫富差距还不够大,只有拉大差距,社会才能进步。 (Is the wealth gap between rich and poor in China too big? Certainly not, in fact, it’s still not big enough. Only when we further increase the gap, socioeconomic advancement of the nation can then be achieved.)


A Property Developer in People's Congress

This woman is the ECO of a Beijing property development company and a member in the National People's Congress. The following remark she made at the current conference meeting has outraged the vast majority of Chinese people which raises the question as to whom she really represents and, further, what the People's Congress really stands for:

房地产是市场选择,只要双方合意,一平米卖100万、1000万也是合理的,政府就不该干预!” (Property development is market driven. As long as the buyer and the seller both think it is okay, even one square meter fetches a million or 10 million yuans, there is nothing wrong about it and the government has no right to interfere.)

Below are what typical comments from Chinese public:

莘庄边上:这是洗钱。这样的开发商该杀 . (Good on her, she must have engaged with her buyers in a monkey business of money laundering.)  

_宅神_:这种人在当代表,就是代表不代表人民的表现…… With someone like her in the People's Congress, you can be rest assured that the People's Congress may represent anything but people.






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