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A Liar in China

9 March 2013

Air in China

China is lost in murky and filthy fogs

A frequent scene in China today, thanks to premier-wanna-be Li Keqiang and his personal mentor Li Yining who insisted that "we’ll have to go through the heavy industry stage, during which the pollution to the environment is unavoidable. But so what, we’ve gained the economic benefits.

Wen Jiabao made promises five years ago at the "Two Conferences" when he was "reelected" as premier by a small band of China's inner circle political power brokers that he would achieve the following goals by March 2013:

  • Guarantee the market supply of daily products and keep the price level stable;

  • Improve the natural environment and let China once again has green mountains, clean rivers and blue skies;

  • Ensure all food are safe to eat, all products are reliable to use and all goods sold in the international market will make China proud;

  • Provide basic health care service to everyone in China;

  • Keep reforming property development and construction industry to help Chinese people realise their dream of having their own home;

  • Bring fair distribution of wealth created via economic development to promote a harmonious society.

Now five years on, which of the promises he made have ever been fulfilled? NONE! Absolutely NONE! Except his family has made extra hundred trillions USD during his second term in office.

Here is a couplet that is created by modifying the famous opening line in I Ching 天行健,君子以自强不息;地势坤,君子以厚德载物。):


As heaven becomes unconcerned with ethics, a con artist has a free hand to self-promote; As earth's condition is morally neglected, a swindler is able to hold the outer world with utter contempt.


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