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Chinese Premier's Naked Parade

5 March 2013


At China's 12th National People's Congress Conference which started yesterday, out going premier Wen Jiabao delivered his last annual report, bluffing the monumental achievements his government has accomplished. However, his self-congratulation is greeted with ridicule and his delivery of the report is described by Chinese public as emperor's naked parade. The following are some typical comments we collected online:

Wen Jiabao beats housing price hike

矮的猥琐-复活: 他,最懂幽默,报告的每一句话,听起来都像笑话。还是一个童话作家,将政府工作报告,写成了最牛逼的童话故事。

Wen Jiabao is no doubt a comedy maestro. Every line in his report sounds like a great joke. He is also a master fantasy novelist who can turn real life tragedy into a tall fairytale.

占豪 (China's celebrity political/economic/military commentator specialised in international affairs): 号外:"房价上涨势头被有效遏制住了!"总理:"过去五年,我国坚持搞好房地产市场调控不动摇,遏制了房价过快上涨势头。"CCTV画外音:2007年,北京二手房均价8900人民币;2012年,北京二手房均价26000人民币;全国房价,环比连涨9个月!

Wen Jiabao: In the past five years, the trend of housing price hike has been brought under control.

Reality: In 2007, the average price of a second-hand dwelling was 8,900 RMB/SQM; five years later in 2012, it jumped to 26,000 RMB/SQM, which is more than 300% of increase. All over the country the housing price keeps hiking for nine consecutive months so far!

耐心的:睁着眼睛说话s是我们人们瞎了眼 .

Either he is a liar or we are all blind.


Wen Jiabao bows out of China's political stage


I feel so embarrassed to listen to that prank. It appears his hypocrisy knows no bounds.


I've met someone in my life who could be extremely unscrupulous, but never seen anything quite like this.


He will go down history as a piece of laughingstock for sure!


You guys are so critical. He just tried to tell a funny joke to entertain everybody.


Goodness me ... I'm gonna die laughing ... that is indeed a big joke.





But the link between the backstage and the front stage has been established. Out gong Wen Jiabao and in coming Li Keqiang share the same political and economic believes and views as their consultant and mentor Li Yining.

Some of Li Yining's famous (or infamous ) quotes:

"Is the wealth gap between rich and poor in China too big? Certainly not, in fact, it’s still not big enough. Only when we further increase the gap, socioeconomic advancement of the nation can then be achieved."

"If national assets were a bowl of rice, we should spit on it."

"In order for the economic reform to succeed, we have no choice but to sacrifice an entire generation, that is 30 million old workers."

"800 million peasants and redundant workers are China’s huge assets, since their consistent presence under the current condition is necessary for the happy lives of the rich few."

"China is in the middle phase of the development. We’ll have to go through the heavy industry stage, during which the pollution to the environment is unavoidable. But so what, we’ve gained the economic benefits."

"I call for the full abolition of old-age pensions, unemployment benefits, compensations for work-related injuries and all other welfare payments, that's the way to make people stick to their jobs."



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