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How Chinese Respond to the Invitation
to Ask the Premier questions
for the two conferences (3)

2 March 2013

A premier who has been exposed as the most corrupted in China yet still has the cheek to declare that he served his country selfishlessly

More comments on Wen Jiabao's job performance as premier:

- Once the railway system privatised, we shall wait for the accidents to occurred often!

- China spent two trillion dollars to purchase US debts, and the US uses two trillion dollars it borrowed from China to purchase the shares in Chinese railway once it is privatised. Without spending a cent, the US will be able to gain the control over China's economic lifeline. That is what Wen did for his US master.

- China's legal authority, phew, what the used of this bullshit department?

- Not at all! It does not discipline the corrupted officials, only prosecute the good cadres like Bo Xilai. In fact, that old slut Ma Wen from Wen Jiabao's home town Tianjin is a key figure in the plot to frame up Mr. Bo.

- The fruit of the economic development has not been shared by Chinese people but stolen by Wen Jiabao's ciminal group.

- He will not be able to get away easily, since people will not allow this to happen.

- For the crimes he committed, Wen Jiabao deserves a death penalty.

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