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How Chinese Respond to the Invitation
to Ask the Premier questions
for the two conferences (2)

2 March 2013

- Free Bo Xilai!

- Let that most corrupted man in China [Wen Jiabao] stand trial.

- Hope someone from the National People's Congress will raise the issue on the allegations over [Wen Jiabao's] 27 billion assets.

- The day when Bo Xilai is put on trial will be the moment when China descends into chaos. Believe me.

- Rural land circulation and forced urbanisation are the sure way to lead China into a death trap.

- Anti-corruption campaign must focus on the big criminals, like the one whose crimes have already been exposed by overseas media [i.e. the NYT]

- Let Bo Xilai come to work with Xi Jinping, only by then the tigers can be subdued.

- Wherever Bo Xilai worked, the locals would forever praise the CCP. He's the only one who can restore people's faith in CCP's leadership in China today.

- It is people not treacherous officials who are entitled to judge Mr. Bo Xilai. Mr Bo has become the shining glory of our nation.

- Our support for Bo Xilai will never wane, and there is no way that anybody could ever make us to believe any allegations against him.

- We want the legal authority to investigate GMO pollution to China's farmland.

- Mr Bo Xilai sacrificed his own family for the sake of the whole country. He helped the people to see a better future, and he is a lighthouse in the darkness. Naturally the shadowy forces are terrified of him and want to see him to be locked away forever.

- The new leaders in Chongqing made the locals miss Bo Xilai sorely, because the comparison between him and his lousy successors is so startling.

- Please read my letter of accusation that outlines the transgression of the leading officials in the Agricultural Ministry in relation to GMO matters.

- The guy who stole $27 billion public assets is still at large. Sham on you!

- He [Wen Jiabao] is the most evil character in Chinese history.

- He must not be allowed to leave his post before explaining how his family collected $27 billion in less than a decade.

- The Two Conferences must not let him retire in a normal way. He should be fired and charged for what he did in relation to GMO, US debts, 27 family assets as well as his role in framing up good officials.

- I just want to see how Xi Jinping is going to beat this huge tiger.

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