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How Chinese Respond to the Invitation
to Ask the Premier questions
for the two conferences (1)

2 March 2013

The above is the dedicated page on the website of the government mouthpiece People's Daily, collecting the questions from the public prior to the "Two Conferences" (i.e. the National People's Congress and the Chinese Political Consultative Conference).

Below are the responses on the front page when one of our China observers logged to the site. And the entries on the following pages are found to be quite similar with the main concerns concentrated in the following four areas:

  1. Investigate into the corruption allegations against Premier Wen Jiabao and bring him to justice;

  2. Clear up false accusations against Bo Xilai and restore his position;

  3. Reverse the trend of privatisation of the state-owned enterprises and protect the farmland;

  4. Stop importing GM food and prohibit cultivating GM crops.

- Hi Premier, when are you going to step down?

- The New York Times must be driven out of China, because it has exposed the top secret of a China's top leader, am I right, Premier?

- Why dual retirement system is still practiced in China? Why the government dares not to reveal the amount of special allowances that retired public servants receive?

- Hi premier, why do you betray the nation?

In the meanwhile, China's legal authority also invited the online community to ask premier questions, and the following are some typical responses:

- Get real, okay? Nowadays everyone goes online and all know (Wen Jiabao's) 27 billion tale.

- Stop asking the question you guys already know the answer. You know what Chinese people want most: arrest Wen Jiabao.

- We want to get our money back that the premier lent to the US government. We need these money badly for free medicare, free education and free housing.

- I'm a Chongqing resident and the matter I care most is the fate of Mr Bo Xilai. The police daises on Chongqing streets are almost all demolished by those who now rule the city.

- China's Putin [Bo Xilai] is being locked behind bars. I want to know when he can be cleared of all false accusations?

- Have you already started to investigate [Wen Jiabao's] 27 billion family assets?

- Let Gu Kailai's mother to see her daughter [Bo Xilai's wife] so as to verify who was in the courtroom during the trial. We majority Chongqing residents have strong faith in Mr Bo Xilai, and believe he conducted no wrong doings but did great service to the people.

- We want to see Mr Bo Xilai attend the two conferences.

- Without clearing false allegations against Bo Xilai, bringing the real guilty ones to justice and returning to a socialist path of "getting rich together", Chinese people see no future for the nation.

- The following are what we demand: 1, investigate what behind the prosecution of Bo Xilai; 2, stop the rush to privatisation of the state-run enterprises; 3, probe the high treason crimes related with the US home-loan purchase; 4, prohibit the importation, cultivation and sale of GM crops; 5, pursue criminal liability of the head officials in the State Council for the misconduct in the above four areas.

- We'll follow closely to the case related to the $27 billion family assets and see if it will be investigated.

- Anyone who plays the part in framing up Bo Xilai will be pursued relentlessly by the people.

- Due to the wrong prosecution of one man, people turn their back on the government, and if the real criminals are not punished, the regime will crumble sooner or later.

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- Verdict on Wen Jiabao's ten-years long premiership delivered by China's online residents.


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