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Newspaper Delivery Workers from Southern News Corp held 5-day strike over pay dispute

27 March 2013

On monday, March 25, before the Southern News Corp. building which in January was a theatre where the editors and journalists from the media company staged a sitting demonstration over an editorial dispute in the name of "demanding freedom of expression", its newspaper delivery workers held a five-day long standing demonstration over payment dispute in the name of "demanding the labour rights to equal pay for equal work."

The slogans on the banners read "Southern News Corp. Limited must return the pay owed to employees", "refuse to be treated as send-class workers" and "when Guangdong is a province where delaying payment to workers is a common practice, there can be no Happy Guangdong". "Happy Guangdong" is a pathetic slogan invented by vice premier Wang Yang when he reigned the southern region.

While CIA ships weapons to and provides training for rebels in the nations that dare not to play US game but with limited capacity to counter the military attack, such as Syria, former Yugoslavia and Libya, CIA promoted "anti-statehood" notions and coach "colonial mentalities" in the media sector of the nations that dare not to fully corporate with Washington but is militarily too powerful to subdue, such as China. And the Southern News Corp in Guangdong under the special patronage of Barack Obama is the vanguard in CIA's intangible China war. (The news corp is the only Chinese media that Obama ever expressed his wish to visit in one of his China tour.)

Despite those semi-intellectuals who are currently running the newspaper lack basic ability to think for themselves, their limited knowledge about China and the world and their unabashed worship of power in Washington and money in the Wall Street do make them fast learners of American-style propaganda. Whenever they detect a discord or conflict in the Chinese community, the newspaper would attribute the occurrence of the event to China's traditional culture, which they think should be rooted out to make room for the one from the West, and use the opportunity to attack the remaining socialist element in the system, which they believe must be fully replaced by unbraided market economy. And when they are condemned by Chinese public for promoting anti-constitutional views, they would insist they have the right to free-expression.

However, if you really think these guys follow the principles on free expression and social justice, you may should think again after learning what they have done in the current pay dispute episode. The Southern News Corp spent a fortune to prevent any report on the incident to appear on media outlet or social network, thus whenever photos on the strike posted online, they would be deleted quickly, since "pay to delete" is a common practice in China's Internet industry.

The following are some typical online comments on Southern News Corps' unfair treatment of its employees and its unjust response to the report on the strike:

燃犀下照: 南毒咋不出新头版“拷问制度之痛。劳动者权益谁来保护?”好新闻耶。(The Southern News Corp is supposed to be the champion of the civil rights yet has no courage to publish the news about its own employees' struggle for labour rights.)

普仁: 估计这几天美国汇款没到,南方系发不出工资了. (I guess the CIA's payment has been delayed which is why the Southern News Corp has no money to pay its workers in full amount.)

民主冲了南都庙: 是有赞助吗,停了?

防盗锁: 美元汇款是给高管的。

李牧: 南方报业发生事件,删贴凶猛真相不得流传。呼吁谣言倒逼,揭穿岭南丑角嘴脸。 (There are two things the Southern News Corp has done the best: to cover up truth and to make up lies.

刘仰: 删帖花钱吗?何不给工人?(They'd rather spend money on deleting the posts than paying its own workers.)


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