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Peasants in urban: risks and discrimination

27 March 2013

A peasant worker without any safety gear stands on a high rise building's steel frame in Shanghai's commercial heart Lu Jiazui. There is no any security measures to protect their lives or their wages in today's workplace in China.

Chinese premier Li Keqiang's mentor and consultant Li Yining once famously said:

I call for the full abolition of old-age pensions, unemployment benefits, compensations for work-related injuries and all other welfare payments, that's the way to make people stick to their jobs. (我建议取消所谓的养老保险、失业保险、工伤保险等等福利,目的是保持大家的工作热情和能力.)

Do you still hold any hope for China under Li Keqiang government?

A public toilet in Wuhan, Hubei Province, is found to have a warning message on painted the wall: Peasant workers are not allowed to use this toilet or will be fined 200 yuans. (“外来民工禁止入内,违者罚款二百”!)" (photo by 谢冰林)

Yet here is what Chinese premier Li Keqiang has said:

小岗村丐帮第十九袋长老李克强的开示: “我曾经做过农民,也当过农村的相当于村长。在中国改革之前,中国的农民几乎没有决定自己生产什么、向市场提供什么的自由。”“中国的改革是从农村开始的。中国现在取得的巨大经济成就,也是当年从农村改革起步的。(China's economy achievement started from rural reform.)

Here is what Li Keqiang's mentor Li Yining has to say:

800 million peasants and redundant workers are China’s huge assets, since their consistent presence under the current condition is necessary for the happy lives of the rich few. (8亿多农民和下岗工人是中国巨大的财富,没有他们的辛苦哪有少数人的享乐,他们的存在和维持现在的状态是很有必要的.)

Li Keqiang, the trojan horse of the global power's state-destroy program, clearly works on promoting yet another peasant insurgence that historically served as the ultimate terminator to the dynasties.


A wonderful verse posted on China's cyber space:



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