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peasants in urban: peasant workers Often Receive No Pay from work

27 March 2013

Private employers openly deny the payment to their employees and have the police to arrest the workers who demand their rightful pay can only happen in China under a mafia-style capitalism in the name of socialism with Chinese characteristics. When Wen Jiabao just became premier, instead of introducing industry regulations to protect workers' rights, he put on a show by making a personal plea to the "conscience" of businessmen, begging them to pay their workers on time and in full amount. Understandably, ten years later, the problem with payment not only hasn't gone away but deteriorate to a crisis. Obviously Wen Jiabao is either utterly incapable of doing his job or entirely hypocritical in the matter. Or both.

The following are some of conflict incidents and the deadly consequence derived from the disputes in the days leading up to Chinese New Year 2013:

130 peasant workers at a construction field in Fupin County, Shaaxi Province, went down on their knees begging the company to pay their work so as to allow them to return home for Chinese new year festival. The company is reported to have owned 49 million RMB to 2,600 peasant labours. It is not because the property developer is really short of cash - he paid 1.3 million RMB to invite a scandal-ridden third-grade Hong Kong actress to show up for 8 minutes at the project commence ceremony. Many of China's businessmen just don't feel anything wrong by being exploitative or dishonest.

In Guangdong a group of peasant workers occupied the roof of a high rise building they worked on, demanding the pay before Chinese New Year.

On January 11 in Qingyun County, Shandong province, a 30-year old peasant worker climbed onto the arm of a crane as a way to draw public attention over the issue of none payment for his service by the company. Unfortunately, he fell by accident and dead.

In Guangzhou, again, before Chinese New Year 2013, a peasant worker blow himself up in protest against the company who failed to make the payment. He died instantly and the explosion injured 7 others.

Here are what Chinese say about China's deadly payment disputes:

珂南二世: 为富不仁是资产阶级的道德本质。尤其是中国的暴富阶层,短短二十年九积累了西方资本主义国家资本家用了百年积累的财富,可见其手段之血腥。 (China's get-riche-quick folks spent less than 30 years to accomplish the wealth accumulation that took a hundred years to complete in the West - imagine how bloody and cruel the process must be.)

男人2013:自杀式袭击居然出现在中国,可见百姓绝望到何种地步了,如果搏结句不好的话,会有更多的人希望破灭,鱼死网破在所难免。 (Suicide bombers eventually emerged in China, and you can tell how desperate these people are. Believe me, if Bo Xilai is not cleared of the false charges and restored to the position, more people will be driven to desperation and the elites and the grassroots might end in common ruin.)

罗争eedoo:钱多到万亿美金要拿到美国去,就是无法保障农民工的薪水。(Chinese government has so much money at its disposal that it could spend hundreds of billions to purchase rubbish paper from the United States, yet oddly enough, it is unable to help the peasant workers to get paid for their labour. [We just lost in speech how a head of the government like this is allowed to get away without a criminal charge and another head is further promoted to lead the new government. We think both (Wen Jiabao and Li Keqiang) deserve life imprisonment, to say the least. - Multiple]

米家那个山:讨薪年年难,悲剧何日休! (When will the tragedy over the payment ever end?) [As long as Li Keqiang heads the government, the tragedy will not end, because this guy was part of the problem in the past ten years or so, and we see no sign how he will suddenly transform into a solution - Multipletext]

司马万言:朝无路不白骨,九域处处闻哭声。 (China is now a place too miserable to live)

海天-黄艺萌:没打过欠款的官司吧?就算你完全占理,取回钱至少能拖五年。(Have you ever tried to go to court over the payment dispute? Even you have all evidences to prove your claim, it will take at least five years to get your money back.)

XD5800:你没钱谁帮你讨啊。(Peasant workers have no money, government and courts have no reason to help them.)


王局爱吃东坡肉:去年那个出动警力起农民工讨薪的书记被人搞掉了。今年弱势群体想要回血汗钱只好以命相搏了。(The official who helped peasant workers have been prosecuted, so this year the poor workers have to fight with their own lives to get their money back.)

杨元华2011:年关要到,辛苦大整年了,就等着新春长假好回乡看父母看孩子,但没法领导到工钱回老家,这么过年,肯定会绝望想不开的。 (I can see why some peasant workers without pay would go extreme. They were away from home for a year and looking forward to reunite with their parents and kids back in the villages, yet without pay they were unable to go home. What do you expect them to do?)

lsqwp:只要按现有法规执行就不应该有如此多的欠薪问题,哪怕只有30%的欠薪者被追究刑责并以追到底,就不会有如此多的人间悲剧。草泥马的中国官员、中国司法,你们还是人养的吗?(I really don't understand why it should be a problem. If we have relevant regulations in place, even with just 30% of employers, who fail to pay their employees on time and at right amount, are prosecuted, the effect in the community will be huge. Since there is no such regulation, I have to say China's government officials and legal experts are all f**ked, truly.)

柯华上海:席子误国误民。那个企业有拖欠工作纪录,政府就介入,强制收取工资保证金,工人拿不到工资就从保证金里发钱。这有什么难的?(There are plenty ways to resolve payment disputes. The business with the history of delaying or denying payment will have to pay deposit for staff remuneration and benefit before allowing to commence their new project, and if they fail to pay their workers again, the government can use the deposit to make the payment.)

竹林一雅轩:他从上任就开始为农民工讨薪到下台也没办好。无能啊。我们被骗了十年别提他了。(We have been deceived by Wen Jiabao for ten years)

蓝风波波:冻结开发商银行账户,限制其高消费行为,真想处理的话,政府招儿多得很,就看做不做了。(The ways to force the companies to pay their workers are countless, such as frozen their bank accounts until they meet the payment requirement, or prohibit them from indulging in luxury spending. The key issue here is whether the government indeed wants to resolve the issue.)



peasants in urban: peasant workers in Chongqing Received full Payment on time when Bo Xilai was the governor

Payment dispute has no reason to be blown up into a major social crisis, given Chinese peasants are probably the most diligent and least demanding group of people in the world. When we leaned how former Chongqing governor Bo Xilai approached the issue, we know we are right.

When the companies were found to delay or deny payment to their workers, instead of sending police to lock the workers who protested behind bars, as how Wang Yang did in Guangdong, Bo Xilai sent law enforcement officers to deal with the wage-robbing suckers.

Photo at the top: An overjoyed peasant worker received his payment through a government work station that was set up by Bo Xilai to recover unpaid wages fro the workers.

Photo below: The police officers declined the cash gift offered by a peasant worker who eventually received his pay with the government help.

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