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China's future: peasants in urban after their land urbanized

27 March 2013

After the farmland is taken over and homes are demolished by property developers under Li Keqiang's urbanization regime, how 600 million strong Chinese peasants are supposed to make a living in a raw urban environment where they are not equipped for jobs with decent pays and where they have limited access to social security protection, including medicare and old age pension? A Chinese family in Wenlin, Zhejiang Province, seemingly worked out a solution. They transformed the roof of their family house into rice paddy completed with water tanks, and in the middle of last year, they harvested 100 kilo crops, which is worth 500 RMB, that would afford the family to have one moderate meal at a moderate restaurant, provided all the pre-investments to make the roof waterproof, erosion resistance, heavy-load bearing are paid by someone else and all the farming work is done by volunteers. Congratulation to Chinese peasants, your future is so promising! And congratulation to China's agricultural industry, its prospect is propitious!

Or the situation might not be so rosy. According to the figures released by the Chinese government, while China's population growth has stabilised before an expected massive decline in Han people (the chief inheritors of Chinese culture), China's crop import in the first six month of 2012 jumped 283.7% to 7.343 million tons comparing to the same period in the previous year, which cost $25.1 billion in total. In the meanwhile, the crop export in the same period just increased 13.1% to $4 billion, that means China spent $21 billion on getting extra food from the world market in a time span of six months.

Of the imported crops, 2.4 million tons are GM corns, mainly from the United States, and 1.118 tons are rice (bearing in mind that China was traditionally a major rice producer). With the implementation of the forced urbanization, we shall expect a further surge in GM food import (bearing in mind that the United States is the chief GMO producer). Therefore here is our sincere congratulation to Monsanto and other American GM giants, your business outlook is very auspicious. (photo by 吴鹏飞)


Peasants in rural: without farmland and home

Peasants in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, who lost their land and homes in forced demolition in the name of urbanization, held a protest rally with the message on the banner read "President Xi Jinping, please help the people in Wuxi."

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