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Xiaogang: A Village's dismal tale on How to Transform a community into a plate of sands

23 March 2013

This bleak landscape belongs to Xiaogang Village (小岗村), in Anhui Province, where annual total personal income per capita is around a meager 6,000 RMB. Naturally, the villagers have to rely on government aid to get by and the village infrastructures are either founded by tax payers or through public donation.

Anhui is a province where 600 years ago was the heart of China recovery and renaissance after a 100-year long dark colonial age under the Mongols, yet since the demise of the last great dynasty Ming, the region descended into a place plagued with mafia-style Beggar Gangs (丐帮) and wicked government officials renowned for their reckless double-crossing tricks. Among the most wicked, two ascended to premiership. One is Li Hongzhang (李鸿章), the premier at the time of the First Sino-Japanese War in 1890s who signed more than 30 treaties of shame with the foreign powers, from which he pocked huge kickbacks that have enabled his descendents to enjoy a life of luxury in the West until this very day. The another is Li Keqiang (李克强), the current premier, who has already signed a series of secret treaties with the global power, from which he found his way to premier's office.

And, of course, history will never forget that in its capital city's court, how a sham trial, with fraud evidences and an impostor standing before the magistrate as the accused, was conducted last August.

Having said that, people in Xiaogang Village and in Anhui in general are still pretty much like everyone else in the world who possesses both good potentials and dark instincts. But a particular begging culture in the region encourages the release of the worst aspects in the human nature, which is of selfishness, laziness, ingratitude and dishonesty, and that in turn lead to the failure of their collective farming arrangement. And the worst of all is that the personality weakness made the villagers an easy prey of a group of cannibals in the central government, in particular a sinister official called Wan Li (万里) - a true cunning man who later became the head of the national congress before losing his sense due to mental illness.

Under Wan Li's solicit, the village became the vanguard to lead the assault on the collective rural system. The communes across the country were forced to be replaced by old fashioned family farming unit and the shared machines and vehicles were left to rust with the young and the healthy flocked into the cities to provide much needed cheap labours for property developers and foreign capital investors. As the farmlands are increasingly unattended, China is experiencing an expected (by the previous and current premiers of course) food shortage which gives a much needed excuse for GMO import and land circulation and forced urbanization.

From there a further hellish situation awaits --

Therefore just hold your breath and stay tuned.


The portrait of 18 men of Xiaogang Village who preferred to be divided to beg than united to work.


China's new premier Li Keqiang, the second from the left, marches to meet the public in a manner of a typical possessed zombie with his head thrust forward, his shoulders hunched, his legs curved.

This man's ascend to the leading position is China's worst nightmare becoming true.

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