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Huaxi: A Village's Successful story on Getting Rich Together

23 March 2013

This is the interior of a typical village residence in Huaxi Village (华西村), of Jiangsu Province. Under the leadership of CCP secretary Wu Renbao, who passed away last week at the age of 85, the villagers stick to a collective system of socialism originally introduced by Chairman Mao through his revolutionary rural reform.

A village hotel in Huaxi Village which was built with the fund put together by each village household.

The event of Mr Wu's death once again draws the world's attention to an amazing story of success in getting rich together in a Chinese village that is determed to keep its commune system which is proven to be like a large fishing trawler allowing the villagers to catch fish in the wild river of the world market without the risk of being swallowed by crocodiles.

Currently the annual income per capita in the village succeeds 120,000 RMB, and according to Wu Renbao, it is Chairman Mao's socialist spirit and collective economy that makes Huaxi's dazzling success possible. "Huaxi Village's sky is the CCP's sky, Huaxi Village's land is the socialist land, (华西村的天是共产党的天,华西村的地是社会主义的地)" which are two lines in the village anthem that was composed by him and broadcast daily by the village's broadcast station.

A residential area in the Huaxi Village

Here are some of quotes from Wu Renbao:


Zen Master Xuecheng (学诚法师):

A novice asked his master: What is Bodhisattva's practice? The master replied: Serve the people. The novice asked again: What is the Grand Bodhisattva's practice? The master returned again: Serve the people wholeheartedly.


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