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A Chinese man in Chongqing gave public speech and sang The Internationale before jumped off from an high rise office building

19 March 2013

The Internationale

Arise ye workers from your slumbers
Arise, ye suppressed by the treacherous premiers

How many railways and farmland
The traitors want to hand over to the World Bank!

On tyrants only we'll make war
They'll break ranks and fight no more

And if those cannibals keep trying
They soon shall hear the bullets flying

Let's send unbridled free market into cages
Let's send foreign collaborators to justice

So comrades, come to streets
And the last fight let us face
The Internationale unites the human race.

On Sunday afternoon at about 2pm in the CBD of Chongqing, the focal point of China's showdown of the century between the World Bank's dividend and Chinese nation's interest, a young man mounted to an awning in a high rise office building, which is located at the Liberation Monument Square, and gave a public speech in which he declared his support for Five Plans for Chongqing Development, Ten Strategies On Living Standard Improvement and Getting Rich Together Policy, all formulated by the former Chongqing governor Bo Xilai, and proclaimed his opposition to privatisation of the state-enterprises carried out by the former and current premiers Wen Jiabao and Li Keqiang. The man called Chinese people to take action to defend the nation and sang The Internationale before jumping off - he intended to wake up the nation to the grave situation with his own death.

An influential Chinese political and social commentator pays tribute to the Chongqing warrior:

Someone who jumped off the Roof for preserving his faith in truth
有的人,为真理一跳 (节录)




Someone is on his feet
But his reputation is in the dirt
Someone falls
But his legend soars


Someone acts against people's will and China's reality
Then declares "I have the courage to keep my unique personality!"
Someone bends over to serve the majority
Since "to get rich together" is the true humanity


Someone forbids people from mentioning his name
Hoping his crime will be forgotten by time
Someone nurtures and protects the grassroots
Fighting bushfires with his political and physical lives


The guy who bans people to talk about him online
His scandals are quickly learned by everyone
The man who lost his freedom
Becomes the spiritual leader of the nation


The guy who forces people to their knees
We'll witness his plunge from grace
The man who falls in the resistance battle
People are willing to jump off the roof to follow


Chongqing warrior Zhang Renjie



Wen Jiabao's wife Zhang Peili

A governor and three jewellery stores in Chongqing

Wen Jiabao's wife Zhang Peili is reported to have secretly owned 300 train jewellery stores in China, and from the three stores in Chongqing alone she is said to have collected 2 bn RMB annually. It is further claimed that her questionable business practice was investigated by former Chongqing police chief Wang Lijun, an outrageously brave man. The investigation might or might not be to his boss Bo Xilai's knowledge at the time, but became one of the reasons that premier Wen Jiabao, a factual dictator in China during the previous five years, seeks to destroy Bo Xilai and his family.

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