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The mission passed on

17 March 2013

China's top government mouthpiece reports China's political power transfer yesterday: Mission is passed on at this moment.

Wen Jiabao: Don't forget to cover up my dirty ass.

Li Keqiang: We two who and who? To save your ass is to save my ass.



Following are some typical Chinese comments on this mission statement:

诸葛*夫:家的使命?残联的还是米帝的? (Who's mission? From the one in a wheelchair or in the oval office?)

返璞归真*******: 老美的使命。(It's Chinamerica's mission.)

战地红星:第51州使命,使命尚未完成,克强继续努力!(The mission to build the 51st state of the United States. )

Harpa: 如果卖国也算是一种使命的话。(If selling the national interest can be considered as a mission)

求关注帮转:前腐后继啊!Pass on the mission of corruption.)

齐人燕石:铁路、农田 ....,给你留着呢!哥们够意思吧。 (Railway, farmland, Wen Jiabao has left a lot of missions for Li Keqiang to accomplish.)

涅磐:交出那双破鞋。 (Please also pass on that pair of old running shoes) [As the head of the family that is reputed as the richest in China with estimated $300 bn assets, Wen keeps wearing a same pair of old Nicky shoes for years to promote an image of a "simple living man"]

阳光左边入杏林新一届影***帝诞生,最近大手笔是主导了国误院改革,并成功拆分了铁道部 (New generation of con artist is born. His first show is to dismantle China's railway)

自有体 :你妹,选了半天选出一个美国人做总理![2012年由华盛顿/华尔街主导的以倒薄为标志的颜色政变的目的就在于此:保证中国政府的首脑继续由他们的人担纲 -- 李克强的问题何止单单是渎职和当买办。他是主动叛国。- Multipletext] (Eventually they've got an American as Chinese premier) [That's the ultimate goal of the 2012 coup orchestrated by Washington/Wall Street - to keep having their man in the key position]

段旦旦:习总当选国家首席领导人,象征性说一下,过去就过去了,李总当选国家二号领导人,各方势力通过媒体连篇累牍的溜须逢迎,并特别喜欢贴红利,英语,市场的标签,其中的深意如何玩味? [李克强并不是国际资本的傀儡,他根本就是他们的同伙。看他的中堂就职照,交错的犬齿血红的薄唇,那就是一幅典型的刚吃完人血馒头的鬣狗嘴脸。- Multipletext]


Chinese on China Reform

bigboss1943: 现在中美比的是内功,看哪个先自乱。[中国已在温李卖国集团主导下先行自乱,内功尽失。所幸天不假年于美利坚大帝国,奥巴马犹崇祯帝,虽呕心沥血而所行多背天道,这既因其大智慧不足,更因为大气运所致。现在中美比的是各自口中一丝游气,看哪个先死,剩下的那个便有逃生的机会。 - Multipletext]

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