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A China nightmare

17 March 2013

A vampire look aging economist Li Yining from Beijing University has been hailed by China's state media as the Mentor of the Nation (国师), which in the classic Chinese tales, including the world renowned "Journey to the West", are typically portrayed as ambitious and vicious individuals often possessing a sort of witchcraft power and with that who become the real decision makers of the state from their shadowy position.

An eerie cloud appeared in Beijing sky at about 6pm on October 4, 2012. The apparition of horror kept changing its shape before evaporated in the thin air then materialised into an atypical human figure below in March 15, 2013 when its disciple seized the control of the Middle Kingdom:  

2012, 和谐末年,血雨腥风;

Here are some typical assessments of the "mentor" by China's cyber commentators:

丘健自然:中国的走到目前危险局面,此人罪大恶极!(This man is guilty of pushing China into a dangerous situation as we are in today!)

庞籍:一想到某货是这货的得意门生. (Whenever I realised that that human scum is this human scum's proud disciple, it would send chills down my spine.)


Below are some of the teachings that this "mentor of the nation" passed on to Chinese premier Li Keqiang:

Is the wealth gap between rich and poor in China too big? Certainly not, in fact, it’s still not big enough. Only when we further increase the gap, socioeconomic advancement of the nation can then be achieved. (中国的贫富差距还不够大,只有拉大差距,社会才能进步.)

If national assets were a bowl of rice, we should spit on it. (国有资产就是一碗饭,要往上面吐吐沫.)

In order for the economic reform to succeed, we have no choice but to sacrifice an entire generation, that is 30 million old workers. (为了达到改革的目标,必须牺牲一代人,这一代人就是3000万老工人.)

800 million peasants and redundant workers are China’s huge assets, since their consistent presence under the current condition is necessary for the happy lives of the rich few. (8亿多农民和下岗工人是中国巨大的财富,没有他们的辛苦哪有少数人的享乐,他们的存在和维持现在的状态是很有必要的.)

China is in the middle phase of the development. We’ll have to go through the heavy industry stage, during which the pollution to the environment is unavoidable. But so what, we’ve gained the economic benefits. (中国处于发展中阶段,重工业化是必经阶段,对环境的污染势必难免但我们获得了收益.)

I call for the full abolition of old-age pensions, unemployment benefits, compensations for work-related injuries and all other welfare payments, that's the way to make people stick to their jobs. (我建议取消所谓的养老保险、失业保险、工伤保险等等福利,目的是保持大家的工作热情和能力.)

Let redundant workers live in rural areas (下岗工人到农村去!)!


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