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China's Killer GM Scientists

15 March 2013

This guy with a facial expression of a classic robot terminator shares the same mental state with some cold-blooded Japanese scientists who in the name of science conducted live autopsy on Chinese and European war prisoners in the past and slay endangered whales for profit at the moment. Believe it or not, he is an academician of China's Science Academy and a top political consultant with People's Political Consultative Conference, although he apparently has no respect for people whatsoever.


As a GM researcher he was recently asked to explain why he believes Chinese people should be forcibly fed with GM products, to which he replied with an air of contempt and irritation that he had no time for those who don't understand science. It seems the 1.3 billion Chinese people are mere guinea pigs for him to experiment his new "understanding" of science and it is rather outrageous when the guinea pigs demand a god-like scientist such as him to ensure their safety. How could he ever promise that? If he could, why on earth he needs guinea pigs for?

Below are what some Chinese said about this GM "Scientist":

王铮粉丝团:方荣祥老王八蛋你和你子孙充当小白鼠先吃、如你及家人没生病没留下后遗症的话,再向百姓推广也不迟. (Let Fang Rongxiang and his family to test the GM products first before he is allowed to do so to 1.3 people)

陈一文: 方荣祥院士何人也?2004年批准中国疾控中心对孟山都转基因大豆"假样品"做大鼠90天"假试验"的国家农业转基因生物安全委员会第一届委员, 连任第二届委员。方院士讲清该试验为何造假, 欺骗, 作伪证前, 无资格对转基因安全问题继续谎言!(Do you know who Academician Fang Rongxiang is? He was the member of the National Agricultural GM Crop Biosafety Committee when it authorised the Center For Disease Control And Prevention to run a botched 90 day-test with fake sample products on rats for Monsanto's GM soybeans in preparation for a large scale import. Before Fang Rongxiang cleans up the accusations of forgery, deception and giving false testimony, he is not in the position of talking about GM safety issues in public.)

BHC张明星: 此院士很可疑,线人? (This guy sounds very suspicious, is he Monsanto's agent?)

舆薪:骗子横行的时代.(This is an age when swindlers are everywhere in China)

我不是电线杆:此类属国贼,必须严惩( For the murderous crimes he committed, he should be prosecuted.)


What Chinese Say

吕永岩 (A renowned military writer and a pioneer in fighting against forced GM consumption on Chinese public, especially children): 收到网友惊人留言,不知他们得的是啥病,看情形很可怕。有关部门为啥要隐瞒呢?建议给予重视调查。如情况属实,必须采取措施。 附留言原文: 我们中国已经有未知病原体了,我们聚集在多个QQ群里,希望博主给予呼吁和帮助。病友们上访过,没有结果,至今查不出病因,但是有免疫细胞异常。此病传染通过性、血液方式。我们怀疑有人故意传播,卫生部和媒体掩盖,有人暗中下毒手,我们的呼声都被屏蔽,虽然现在没有死亡病例,但就怕是个定时炸弹,到时全国无人幸免 我们知道的有几个群。187029883、152573047、152328736、233498352等等。博主应是富于正义、爱国爱民之士,真诚请求博主能够百忙之中关注、帮助这个群体,所有病友必将感激不尽。(I received some shocking news from weibo users. I don't know what the disease they contracted, but the situation seems pretty grave. Why dose the relevant government department want to cover up the incident? Please investigate. If the claims are proved to be factual, please do something to contain the problem. Here is a message that I received: We've already had unknown virus in China and we hope you can help raise the issue at public. The patients went to Beijing and tried to see the officials in the Health Department, but they were ignored. The symptom of the disease include the abnormalities of immune cells. It is transmitted through blood or body fluids and we suspect it is deliberately spread by some people. The Health Department and the state-media keep a tight lid on the matter, and our cry cannot be heard. Although there is no death toll so far, we are worried that it could be a time bomb and once it explodes it can be too late for anyone to do anything.)

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