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China's food safety crisis

15 March 2013


Lately in the upper stream of Huangpu River in Shanghai, more than 7,000 dead pigs were found floating in the water. The original site for the water bury of the pigs is identified in Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province, and the Jiaxing authority claims the pigs were frozen to death due to the cold weather condition.

The following are what Chinese said online about the dead pig incident:

司马平邦 (a distinguished media commentator):只为天下皆讳瘟,三月冻死江南猪。 (The pigs went through the winter but froze to death in the spring of March, tell me about it.)

蓝海呓语微博达人瘟来瘟去都是瘟,倒霉的猪啊 (Because of Wen [premier Wen Jiabao's surname "Wen" has the same pronunciation as "epidemic disease" in Chinese, and thanks to the stringent online censorship regime enforced by the State Council Information Office, "epidemic disease" has now become the standard code name for Wen Jiabao - Multipletext], this government began its rule with SARS and ended with CSF)

正义东:猪瘟祸害中华啊。 (Classical Swine Fever is a real disaster for China) [Classical Swine Fever in Chinese is pronounced as Zhu Wen, Zhu is the surname of Premier Wen's predecessor Zhu Rongji who is viewed by many in China as the one making empty promises to Chinese people and curry favour with American regime]

新闻晨报 (a major Shanghai media)): 嘉兴日报曾报道去冬今春的死猪现象特别严重,这几天平均每天300多头。而镇上一工作人员透露,“以前50斤以上的死猪都是在餐桌上的”,因去年加大打击力度,没人收购病死猪,所以多出这么多正常。 (The Jiaxing Daily reports that in Jiaxing area, there are average of 300 pigs found dead each day in this winter season. Previously when the pigs weighted over 25 kilo died of disease, they would be sold in food market. Since now the practice is strictly prohibited in Jiaxing, they all ended in the waterway.)

宋阳标许多病死猪就是被做成肉泥,然后直接卖给上海这样的大城市人做肉丸子了。有些地方有人专门收购病死猪杀了用大冰柜装好集中等收购 (Many pigs died of disease are in fact made into meat balls and sold in big cities like Shanghai. In some regions there are people who specialised in purchasing dead pigs for producing meat products.)

zheshi_m:还有病死的牛羊都是这样处理的(They do the same to the cows and goats died of disease)

陈一文顾问 (A respected government consultant): “毕业于华中农业大学畜牧兽医系, 之后十多年以至从事首要、疫苗、饲料与添加剂销售工作” 揭露的全国范围“从2006年夏天江西开始的猪群大规模出现死亡、流产、死胎症状”,农业部为何不组织大规模流行病学调查,追究与转基因饲料相关性,原因大家明白!(An expert working years in the areas of vaccination, feed and food industries disclosed that since 2006, mass death, miscarriage and stillborn in pigs become a normal phenomenon across the pig farm industry in Jiangxi Province where GM stockfeeds are widely used. I think everyone knows why China's Agricultural Ministry turns a blind eye to this pig epidemic.)

林治波(director of People's Daily branch in Gansu Province): 我也听河北干兽医的朋友反映,现在猪得的很多病很奇怪,是过去完全没有的。 (I've also heard from a veterinarian friend that nowadays pigs would contract many strange diseases that were unheard of before)

顾秀林的微博: 美国的转基因大豆,转基因玉米都是黄种人的主粮,作为盎格鲁萨克森人的后裔,他们一直以肉食和小麦为主食,根本没有吃大豆,吃玉米的生活习惯。对于他们的主粮:小麦一直不敢转基因。1、目标基因,如Bt基因,在转基因作物体内可能会发生过量表述,生成比预期更强的毒素。2、大多数农药是在植株外面的,转基因的毒性是在植物内部自己制造的,只要还活着,就一直不停地在制造毒素,直到收割为止。 3、当剪切酶将目标基因剪除后,目标基因的载体(质粒)的大部分就存留于受体植株(转基因作物)的体内。这个质粒在转基因植物体内起什么作用,就目前人类的认知水平,还是不能回答这个问题。因为人类对一些遗传密码还是一知半解。真相就是:转基因断子绝孙。就算能生出来,也会被冻死。猪的生存能力比人强吧?人的问题,只是被更深地掩盖而已. (The truth is GMO kills. Even piglets are successfully born, they would freeze to death before long. If tough pigs cannot survive GM onslaught, what are the chances for people?)

西山逸隐微博达人:转基因恶果显现,猪坚强已经崩溃,农业部汉奸买办,还在玩装傻充愣!抓狂抓狂 (Yet the hanjians in Agricultural Ministry still have the guts to lie to your face about the true effect of the GMO.)

0811子弟: 转基因竟然被中国的某位高层批准允许进入中国祸害百姓,这是温贝戎救美国就是救中国的思想之下的罪恶行径。(Hanjian Wen Jiabao introduced GMO in 2008. He would do anything to save the Wall Street, even that will harm the health and cost lives of Chinese people.)

WITESTONE:转基因是全国人民共同面临的巨大威胁,也是粉碎汉奸卖国集团的最重要的突破口. (GMO is the biggest threat Chinese nation faces and the breaking point to turn around the situation in the fight against the high treason group at the top level of the government.)


Food additives pulvis talci is a chemical powder that could trigger cancer if consuming frequently. A private business in Shandong Province is exposed to mix a large quantity of pulvis talci with flour to make the product look better. The workers from the factory revealed that their boss let them blend 2.5-10 kilos of powder with every 50 kilos of flour.

Seeds of Destruction from the United States

12monkkeys: Almost ALL CORN (HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP which is in EVERYTHING) is Monsanto's genetically modified, each small piece of corn people EAT has billions of GM bacteria that are IMMUNE TO ANTIBIOTICS.
Doctors & scientist are working around the clock in a losing war against the pandemic of Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria (MRSA INFECTIONS) 1000's of people are dieing daily from once simple infections & these poor Doctors are at a loss to why.. If they only knew.
Monsanto's greed will be the end of us. (几乎所有的玉米都被蒙三毒转过基因了,每一粒玉米中含有亿万个植入的细菌,而抗生素对它们完全不起作用。目前医生和研究人员正日以继夜地和时间赛跑,希望能找到应付由超级细菌引起的大面积传染病的办法。每天都有千以百计的人因发炎感染而送命,这样的小问题过去只要几剂抗生素就搞定了,但现在不行。医生们实在想不通为什么这些灵丹妙药现在失效了。蒙三毒的贪欲将把我们全体推入万劫不复的深渊)

dmgcat: The question is why? How can people be this knowingly evil? This is willful manipulation of humanity’s foodstock for profit and Monsanto has no idea the long term repercussions, only the short term profits that you and I don't get to enjoy...only the adverse side effects. Our 'system' protects these criminals. (想不通为什么有人竟可以这样地歹恶!蒙三毒为了商业利润不惜在大家养生活命的粮食上做手脚。它们不知道也不在乎会造成什么样的长期后果。我们的制度是庇护罪犯的)

gprob: Monsanto, Cargill and a few others here in the U.S. are writing legislation, or bribing our criminal politicians to write it, to kill the organic movement, small farms and local producers completely. (美国的法规正是由蒙三毒、卡勾等等参与制定的,或者由它们收买的政客主持制定的,目的就是遏制有机种植、小农场及对他们不利的地方法规。)

sowhtttt: Yes, Monsanto not only has "government backing", they are in actuality "the government" and circumvent laws by changing them to suit their needs. I will leave a list to help better understand this in a following comment. (对喽,蒙三毒不但有美国政府的支持,他们本身就是美国政府的一部分,可以按照他们的需要制定、修改法律。我这儿有一份名单,你们看了就明白啦 ...)

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