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China's Agricultural Minister demanded to reveal Its secret agreement with Monsanto

15 March 2013

Celebrated Chinese journalist Song Yangbiao (宋阳标), from The Time Weekly, pressed China's Agricultural Minister at a media conference during the "Two Conferences" over a secret agreement reached between Monsanto CEO Hugh Grantthe and former Chinese minister Sun Zhengcai (孙政才, 一个自认为有政治家之才的酒色之徒,now the head of Chongqing but faces mounting public allegations of corruption and high treason).


A Chinese journalist questions the minister

However, the deputy minister dodged the question by beating around the bush, not even daring to mention the word "agreement" in his reply.

Background information: In September 2009, Agricultural Minister Sun Zhengcai was arranged by the Monsanto to take a trip to the United States visiting his son studying there in the name of a business trip. Sun was picked up at the airport by Monsanto and stayed at Monsanto's headquarters where luxury accommodation was provided. Here is an announcement released in September 2009 on the official website of the ministry:

"The Agriculture Minister Sun Zhengcai met with his American counterpart".

And here is another online announcement in the same month (September 2009) by the ministry:

"Deputy Minister Niu Dun met with Monsanto's Deputy CEO …", "to vigorously implement the agreement between Minister Sun Zhengcai and Monsanto CEO Hugh Grant."

It is quite obvious that the agreement which the deputy minister pledged to Monsanto's deputy CEO to be implemented "vigorously" was forged during minister Sun Zhengcai's US visit.

Yet the content of the agreement has never been revealed to the Chinese public.

The other sharp questions from some young and courageous Chinese journalists at the media conference for the Agricultural Ministry include the consequence of forced urbanisation and the relationship between farmland annexation and peasant revolt.


Below are what Chinese said about the deputy minister's pathetic reply about the "Secret agreement":

utoismylife:一问天下人都明白了,贪官污吏西奴都惊着了。宋先生问得好,是人民关心的问题。副部长答得怪,是转基因积极分子的论调。 (It's great question from a journalist who is deeply concerned about the people and the nation. But it was a dishonest answer from the minister who cares nothing else but promoting GMO as he was ordered to do).

永葆革命青春:国之将亡妖孽横行。(When a kingdom is dying, the hell breaks loose and all demons come out.)

东方欲晓007:阳标提问得好,这个部长的回答是错误的,是误导民众,转基因用于食品生产是一项害人的邪恶技术,应该马上中止。(The minister was deliberately misleading the public.)

让子弹飞*有质量:典型的混张官话,真听不懂。(No one can understand the minister's bullshit bureaucratic jargon.)

司马平邦: 中国政府的农业主官与美国大农业企业的老板达成秘密共识!昨天习总在人大分组讨论中警告官员不要跟商人勾肩搭背,但在他眼皮底下,这都和美国商人睡一个被窝了。时代周报:孙政才部长与孟山都总裁达成的共识是什么?经济日报:土地兼并会不会导致农民起义.潇湘晨报:大规模死者为什么不预警. (Head of the state Xi Jinping just warned the Chinese officials yesterday that they must keep an respectable distance from entrepreneurs, now we have the Agricultural Minister struck a secret deal with America's big business out of personal favour! Sun Zhengcai is not just standing side by side with entrepreneurs but sleeping in one bed with foreign businessmen.)

马*明: 孙政才部长与孟山都达成的协议内容是什么?农业部巧妙地绕开了有没有协议、协议内容是什么。既然不否认,那就是由秘密协议了!既然不肯透露,一定是又不能公开的内容了!(The minister dodged the question but did not deny the existence of the agreement, which means the agreement does exist. But he refused to reveal the details, which indicates that the content must be too shocking for the public.)

方寸*人:这是右翼政权的强项:秘密协议,幕后交易。加入WTO不也这样子,连中文版都不公布。卖国政府何时了?! (This is what the right wing government does the best: to do business behind closed doors and sign secret treaties. They did it with the WTO agreement which they do not bother to release the Chinese version to the public. This is a government that sells national interest without a second thought.)

happy阿弥陀佛: 问问他们既然那么科学为什么奥运会不让用,亚运会也不让用?封口不疯心:孙应该是李总经理的得意门生。 (If the GM food is indeed scientifically proven to be safe to consume, as the minister claimed, why they were banned from the Beijing Olympics, the Shanghai Expo. and the Guangdong Asian Games? Sun Zhengcai is very close to Li Keqiang's and must have learned quite a few political tricks from him.)

颜建清的秋天:如此回答问题,纯粹是无赖的做派。学且思:科学啊科学,多少罪恶借汝命以行。(Only a thug would answer the question like the way the deputy minister did. Hell the science, how many criminal activities are conducted in your name.)

林黛玉讲政治V:如此,可对他们随时立案,该出手时就出手。(In this case, the ministry must be investigated right away.)

Sinolong: 操,视频自动跳过了36分40秒 (Damn it! Now the released official video would skip that question part.)


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