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A Fraud premier: counterfeit food does not necessary to be bad food

15 March 2013

For years, premier-desperately-wanna-be Li Keqiang is the vice premier responsible for China's food safety, and it is under his leadership that the country's food safety crisis has reached its breaking point. Yet he has never apologised for failing to perform, instead at a meeting during the "Two Conferences", declared that "counterfeit food does not necessary to be the bad food." (“假冒食品不一定伪劣”)




And this is the guy who thinks he is qualified to be China's next premier.

Here are what some Chinese said about this fraud man:

阿虎: 这个拙劣的傀儡伪货,一定会为假冒伪劣辩护. (This counterfeit and puppet prank, it's only natural for him to defend the counterfeit products.)

爱锐博客: 立刻抢的本意是:1. 本人是吃特供的,有时也会i吃到营养不达标的食品。2. 丑话说在先,本人被任命担任总理一职,有假冒之嫌,但绝非伪劣。3. 本人若做错了,是能力不行,不是有意为之。这李克强简直就是“掩耳盗铃”的现代翻版,没想到改开三十年:善长“刻舟求剑"的,”守株待兔“的,”拔苗助长“的...都在中国政坛呼风唤雨, 这局面怎么造成的,值得深思. (He has special food provision that are all genuine and all organic, so he doesn't need to worry about the food safety issue.)

laobing: 说这种话的人混蛋,可是混蛋就要当总理了,我的心情非常沉重!知道有不要脸的人,知道有心坏了的人,不知到有人能在这两点上做到这个地步!(Anyone who said something like that must be the one without conscience. What worries me sick is this fraud man is going to become the next premier. I know some people are unscrupulous, and some people are vicious, but he is both.)

匹责: 都是抓滴到猫就是好老鼠害的。说到食品安全都不忘贩卖它的城镇化臭货。 它妄顾左右而言它,哪是在谈食品安全,明明是想借机饥不择食滴兜售它的城镇化烂货。否则怎么会如此口不择言那么无知无耻? 这种渣滓来做国误院总理,中国和中国人民又的遭罪十年。[就其极度猥琐的面部形相、贼头狗脑的肢体动作、从政以来的斑斑劣迹以及强烈的民意反弹,李克强若当总理,必将经历生不如死的五年 - Multipletext]就看两会有没有不要命的把窗户纸捅破,勇敢站出来提议李克强不配不该任总理。(If China has this con man as premier, Chinese people will have to suffer for another ten years.) [While he will certainly make Chinese people's live hell, we are pretty sure that Chinese people will make his life even more hellish. Good luck Li, you shall look forward to enjoying it! - Multipletext]

新华社记者陈玉明:全国人大代表张金透露,养殖业内有个“公开的秘密”-- 把蛋黄精拌在鸡饲料里,能让产出的蛋蛋黄多,看起来像柴鸡蛋。(It is known that many poultry farmers feed a certain chemical ingredient to their hens to make eggs look like those from free-range chickens.)

工程院院士钟南山:现在每年产生废油700万到1400万吨,350万吨地沟油回流餐桌,我们也许吃了还不知道。地沟油含致胃癌物,起作用有个过程。和三聚氰胺一样,地沟油主要是监管问题. (China produce waster oil 7 million to 14 million tons annually, of which about 3.5 million tons returned to dinner table through restaurants, which could cause stomach cancer. Like the earlier food scandals with Melamine, lack of proper and effective leadership and surveillance are the main causes for the problems).

will: 这人比温桧还危险,当年在河南高卖血经济,搞出了艾滋病大省;现在又公然为食品犯罪辩护包庇,将来还要推土地私有化、城镇化的造房经济,如此下去搞出几亿赤贫游民、天下板荡,都不是小概率事件。[李克强在任河南省省长期间,2000年河南境内发生两起特大火灾,两起特大瓦斯爆炸事故] (Li Keqiang is more harmful to the nation than Wen Jiabao. During his time as Henan governor, AIDS became epidemics in the province; when he is in charge of nation's food safety, toxic food products are everywhere across the country. Next he is going to create hundreds of millions of peasants landless in village and homeless in city as the result of his fraud rural urbanisation, and we can look forward to a time of chaos.)

拼尽最后一滴血: 作为主管帝国食品安全的立刻抢,竟然放任美国孟山都公司向我国大量偷运入各种转基因种子和转基因食品,使转基因食物如今已对我国人民及子孙后代造成了巨大的祸害。据内部可靠消息:50%的委员不同意“立刻抢”上位宰相,食品安全频发,铁矿石危局,转基因推手,任何一件事情都吃不了兜着走! (As the man in charge of nation's food safety, Li Keqiang would allow US Monsanto to smuggle a massive quantity of GM corp seeds and GM food into China, which has already done a great damage to people's health. According to reliable sources from inner circle, 50% committee members oppose to have Li Keqiang installed as the next premier.)

一网民:民以食为天,我们有权要求食品安全。我每天去菜市场买菜买粮,心里总堵的难受。买不到放心食品,我都咬牙切齿地恨。因此,对于严重渎职犯罪的国家食品安全委员会李主任,我们完全可以理直气壮地要求他立即下台。 (Every day when I go to food market I would get very upset as I have no idea which products are safe for my family to eat. Li Keqiang has seriously abused his official duty and must be dismissed from government office at once.)


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