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An 80-metre Long Banner in Shanghai demand to Prosecute Wen Jiabao

15 March 2013

An 80-meter wide banner appeared in Shanghai condemning the forced GM food consumption, and demanding to charge Wen Jiabao for corruption and high treason.


Below is a message posted on China's cyber space:

zsqr009:真正的原由,大家知道吗? WLJ的问题:今年[2012]两会上拟提交反转议案,顶层领导必须阻止而设套; BXL的问题: 重庆国有企业的发展与壮大,阻碍了国企私有化进程。(Do you know the true reason behind the prosecution of the former Chongqing leadership? Wang Lijun was going to introduce an anti-GMO bill at the Two Conferences 2012, thus the State Council must stop him before he acted. The problem with Bo Xilai: Chongqing's state-owned enterprises went from strength to strength, playing a leading role in city's rapid development, which got in the way of State Council's privatisation process.)


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