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Smart Americans' Forced Sale on over-priced stakes to foolish Chinese.
Or were they really just being foolish?

11 March 2013

"Bank of America has struck a deal to sell about half of its stake in China Construction Bank to a group of investors for $8.3bn", but "did not identify the buyer", but the deal "would make a profit of $3.3bn on the sale of 13.1bn shares, after tax", reported British Financial Times on August 30, 2011.

One week late the mysterious buyer was identified by the same newspaper: "A Chinese consortium was the biggest buyer of the China Construction Bank stake that Bank of America sold last month, according to several people familiar with the deal. The State Administration of Foreign Exchange, which manages most of China’s $3,200bn in foreign reserves, the National Social Security Fund, and Citic Securities bought the CCB shares."

Why Americans sold the stakes to the government from whom they buy the shares in the first place? Because it is the only buyer who would pay $8.3bn for the products that the Americans only spent $5.3bn to purchase. Then why Chinese government would be so foolish as to buy the same stakes that they initially sold at a much lower price, and consequently lost $3.3bn in transaction?

According to FT, Beijing did "ask Bank of America to sell only half its holdings in CCB," but Americans refused the request since "selling more of the CCB stake would have been largely incremental in reinforcing the bank’s capital position." Which means the deal was forced upon the buyer by the seller.

Therefore anyone with a sensible mind would wonder why on earth American Bank was able to make a forced sale to Chinese government?



Here are what Chinese say about this forced deal:

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田忠国: 建议中央重组国务院. 长期以来,国务院以颠覆社会主义根本制度,出卖国家经济主权为己任、为目标,其事实根据是,中国28个主要产业,被美国控制了21个;中国经济总量外资所占比达78%以上。中国的水、粮食部分或大部被外资控制。这一事实表明,国务院的主要领导权落入到美国在中国的代理人手里。(The State Council must be completely restructured. It's been far too long that the SC is able to sell off China's strategic economic interest for personal gains. The fact is of 28 China's major industries, 21 are controlled by Americans, including food production and water supply. It is clear that the State Council is run by the US agents.)

焦点时事评论: 真想改革的话,把国务院撤了吧!(Do you really wanna reform? Start it by abolishing the State Council.)


Chinese public call to prosecute the head of the Chinese government

Below is a picture circulated widely in China's cyber space, often accompanied with the notes added by Chinese cyber dwellers stating that China must follow suit and do exactly the same to Wen Jiabao, Li Keqiang and Zhou Xiaochuan, just to name a few.

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