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Chinese Government Refuses to Allow Gu Kailai's 90-year Old Mother to Visit Her Daughter Said to be Gravely Ill in Prison

9 February 2013

Despite China has got a new leadership, it seems Chinese government is still very much controlled by the same group of people who waged brutal political war against Bo Xilai and his family for the sake of saving their own skin. The repeated pleas made by Bo Xilai's mother-in-law, a 90-year old former anti-Japanese resistance fighter, to visit her daughter who is said to be in a serious medical condition while being locked behind bars, was ignored by the authority practically headed by the nephew of a Japanese collaborator. The inhuman act as such angered millions of Chinese, including a forensic expert from China's Supreme People's Procuratorate surnamed Wang.

Wang's open challenge to the murder charge against Gu Kailai, Bo Xilai's wife, won her trust from Gu Kailai's mother Madam Fan Chengxiu. Madam Fan recently wrote a letter to the woman asking her to help an aging mother meet her daughter who is believed to be very sick.

Wang went online with the issue and the following is a screen shot of her blog:

However, her blog was deleted within hours.

Wang's public plea attracted response from China's strong pro-Bo Xilai cyber army, the following are few of them:

River: It seems an anti-Japanese heroine who put her life on the line fighting for China's independence does not even deserve a reply from the authority. Her daughter has already been sentenced for four months yet her mother is still not allowed to see her. Who is in contempt of the laws?

Wang Zhen: The elderly lady has the lawful right to visit both her daughter and son-in-law! Xi Jinping may fancy to be more popular than Bo Xilai, now this is a way to relish the dream: Let Bo Xilai go home with her mother-in-law.

Wang Zhen: Hi, 学习粉丝团 [a vulgar and shallow weibo identity that sickeningly lavishes praise on Xi Jinping who may or may not has authorised the ID to be his spin doctor - Multipletext], even though you said you are not related to Xi, but judging by the photos you posted you shall have a close link to him, please help forward him a question for me: is he going to let Madam Fan visit her daughter and son-in-law or not?


This is the second letter that Madam Fan Chengxiu, Gu Kailai's mother and Bo Xilai's mother-in-law, wrote to the Chinese government. This time it was addressed to Wu Aiying (吴爱英), the Minister of Justice, reminding the authority that according to the law, she has the right to visit her daughter in jail. But the minister never bothered to respond to this lawful request made by a 90-year-old lady.

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