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Manchu in Beijing

24 February 2013


A disgraceful scene of Chinese officials kneeling and kowtowing to murderous alien rulers from Sybearian is repeatedly staged in Chinese capital. Now you shall realise why Manchu conquerors are praised effusively and their colonial mentality is promoted over and over again by China's state-run media. This is just part of a big plan.

- That's the mentality of Chinese capital? Wow. What kind of culture Chinese government is promoting?

- Bravo Beijing, the great Manchu self-autonomy metropolitan.

- During the festival, all Beijing parks and public venues are fully packed with Manchu zombies, eunuchs and concubines.

- Officials in Tang Dynasty were generally seated, in Song were on their feet while during Manchu's Qing were all on their knees, no wonder my dad disgusts Manchu-Qing so strongly.

- This government shows us how to kneel to invaders while still expects us to defend the country when being invaded. What a shit.

A scene of Ming palace ceremony. The young fellow in blue robe is emperor (大明领导核心), the guys in black gowns bowing their salute are court officials (中央领导干部), the folks behind the emperor also in black are his personal attendants (中央办公厅成员) while the men in apricot outfits are royal guards (紫禁城警卫部队).


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