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Lantern Festival: Time for reunion

25 February 2013

The first full moon night in Chinese calendar is the date to conclude the three-week long Chinese New Year festival and, traditionally, a time for reunion when singles meet and couples watch the lantern show side by side.

However, this year things are a bit weird: some people who should get together are forced to lead separate lives (like the most popular Chongqing governor and the Chongqing residents, a loving husband and his devoted wife, an aging mother and her sick daughter), while some guys who should not run into each other are found at one another's cozy company.

A banner displayed on a Chinese street with the message read "Happy New Year Mr Bo, we look forward to your safe return".


On the day of lantern show, you searched high and low to locate a missing national hero


In the end you only realised ...


He is with you wherever you go, since he's right in your heart and deep in nation's soul!

But There Is Another Kind of Reunion ...
Chinese capital reunites with a hanjian mentality


The First Full Moon Night in Year of Snake 2013: Chinese Lantern Festival


A girl in traditional Chinese costume views a riddle on a lantern

A girl in traditional Chinese costume carries a flowery lantern (花灯)

A girl in traditional Chinese costume holds a bowl of Reunion Dumpling (团子) or First Full Moon Dumpling (元宵)

A girl in traditional costume and wearing an opera mask lights her rabbit lantern.

A night of colour and light in Nanjing at the lantern festival 2013.

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