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Another Kind of Reunion ...

25 February 2013

Out going Premier Wen Jiabao reunites with his own shadow when making a Nazi-style gesture to an audience.

While facing mounting allegations of corruption and growing public anger against his state council, a few days ago Wen Jiabao once again recited an old verse "人言不足恤“, meaning "I couldn't care less what others might say".

However, despite Wen Jiabao is so unpopular among general population due to his mismanagement of state affairs, his corrupt family and his decisive role in prosecution of Bo Xilai, he now is, nevertheless, just a shadow of his former self. He has been dumped by all political forces and even he indeed manages to keep mucking around for a while, his ultimate fate may not be in any way prettier than that of Chen Shui-Bian, the former head of Taiwan.

The grave danger for the nation lurks in the darkness alongside a man with dark rings around his eyes ...

前排左:气壮如牛(小民们,我当年敢向我的前辈校长下手,我现在也敢向你们的子孙后代出手,你们能把我怎么着?);前排右:志得意满(总算办成了,不枉我们熊猫眼深海同志潜伏敌营十八年);前排中:气定神闲( 愿转基因五洲四海齐普及,哪怕是亡国灭种也志不移。我恨不得急令全民说英语,迎接王师来入主!公鸡会给我智慧给我胆,千难万险只等闲。为反共先把共匪扮,似尖刀插进中南海。誓把中国人,埋葬在城镇,壮志夺红利,雄心当总理。待等到与李成弟会师俱乐部,捣华夏定叫她四分五裂天翻地覆!

In coming premier Li Keqiang reunits with his two patrons: Deng Xiaoping's daughter Deng Rong and Monsanto's President Hugh Grant - one of the chief driving forces behind China's urbanisation rush.

What Chinese Say

About Li Keqiang's expected premiership:

田忠国: 有人以佐利克和保尔森颠覆中国战略为治国法宝,比如,保尔森说“只有小城镇建设才能救中国”,话音未落,中国就有人开大会小会,落实保尔森的颠覆中国计划。或许有人说,保尔森的“只有小城镇建设才能救中国”并非颠覆中国计划,但我们说,错,因为,保尔森的小城镇建设计划,是消耗中国土地资源,进而削弱中国粮食自给能力的计划。如果这样的计划不是为颠覆中国,试问,保尔森何必挖空心思消耗中国的土地资源?土地是生产粮食的前提,粮食是一个国家的人民养命之源。无土地则粮食无法生产,无粮食则人民无法生存。或许有人说,搞小城镇建,腾出原来的村庄占地,会腾出大量耕地,所以,小城镇建设不会消耗土地。但是我们说,农村的房子其地基和院子,几乎全部经过硬化处理,如果复耕,不仅工程浩大,而且,经过硬化的地基,已不具备复耕的条件。所以,小城镇建设只能起到掠夺全国人民,消耗土地资源的作用。


Li Keqiang must not be appointed as China's next premier because he works for an external force's master plan that is designed to sabotage China's further development.

- They sold all land in the city and now they seek to sell the farmland for property development.

- Now I realise there are foreign leaders leading our national leaders.

- If we have to have Li Keqiang as premier who actually works for Paulson, I'd rather to have Paulson as Chinese premier.

- As the vice-premier responsible for food safety, Li Keqiang allowed Monsanto to smuggle GM seeds and food into Chinese market which has already resulted some irreversible long term damage to Chinese population. A man who does not even care about people's lives and nation's future, how can we expect him to work as premier? Thus we strongly urge Li Keqiang to be kept away from premier's office. This is not my personal opinion, nor is the request from a small group of citizens, but the demand from the majority of people in the country.

When we drive away the thief (Wen Jiabao), we get the robber (Li Keqiang - the pronunciation of his name is similar to the phrase "rob you now") to break in.

- We have a trojan horse in the top level of the government.

- He's no better than his predecessor, in fact much worse! In what capacity he should be allowed to sit in premier's seat?

- Li Keqiang is a guy exhibiting no personal dignity at all when meeting with foreigners. Sham on him!

Lantern Festival: Time for Reunion
Chinese capital reunites with a hanjian mentality


What Chinese Say

About Wen Jiabao's "could care less" attitude

悲催*老板: 天意不足畏,装逼被雷劈;祖宗不足法,下台马上挂;人言不足恤,把你送进去!

When Wen Jiabao stands for trial, he'll know right away if he could care less what people say about him in the courtroom.

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