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Japanese Sold fungi Contaminated with Nuclear Radiation Overseas?

23 February 2013

Japanese Shiiake mushrooms are quite tasty that are exported to China and many other countries in large quantities. Japanese Shiiake mushrooms are also terrific radiotrophic fungi that can use melanin to capture energy given off by ionizing radiation. In other words, they can grow by eating radioactive emissions.

Feast on radiation was what certain species of fungi were found to do at the disaster site after Chernobyl meltdown, and was how Japanese Shiiake fungi were made to do at the disaster area by Japanese farmers under the instruction of the nuclear power plant authority after Fukushima meltdown. The only difference is that after the Chernobyl fallout, mushroom hunters all over Europe were advised not to pick and eat certain species of fungi, while Japanese government and farmers would export the toxic mushrooms to Chinese and other overseas markets.

Immediately after that partly natural and partly man-made catastrophe in March 2011, Japanese government disregarded the health risk to its own people and to the people all over the world by allowing the tsunami debris contaminated with nuclear radioactive materials to be burned that led to the spread of the nuclear poison over the whole earth which is "a recipe for fat, healthy fungi and sick dying people" as one commentator put. Yet comparing to deliberate selling of the "fat, healthy mushrooms" to unsuspected consumers in China and in many other countries to make people sick and dying and to make money for themselves, the debris burning is an act even too innocent to be condemned.

Here is a weibo message posted by Professor Gu Xiulin (顾秀林), an influential economist with Yunnan University of Finance and Economics. According to Gu, her friend sent her an email from Japan, warning her to steer clear from imported Japanese fungi products. The following is the content of the email:

"日本冬菇 Japanese Shiiake mushroom一位醫師告知,日本核子站災難後正積極重建,要農民在週邊大量種植冬菇。因為冬菇吸取輻射,他們的冬菇過去有名,出口也多,日後的產品外销,既可赚钱,又可清除辐射,一石二鳥,一舉兩得。買冬菇時, 要特別留意選擇非日本出產,除非想死。"

"I was told by a doctor that after the disaster, the nuclear station asked the farmers in the surrounding area to mass plant Shiiake mushrooms. Fungi are known to have the capacity to use radioactivity as an energy source for making food and spurring their growth, while Japanese Shiiake mushroom is a brand name and sold well in overseas, thus they view mass plantation of fungi in the disaster area as an excellent way to serve double purposes: to clear up the contamination and to make money. So please stay away from fungi, especially fungi from Japan, unless you want to commit suicide."


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