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Red Women Detachment
Fighting against mafia-style family farm owners & a corrupted government

21 February 2013

Red Women Detachment with a French twist

The Red Women Detachment was an all-women Red Army troop, formed by female warriors fighting to overthrow the oppressive and exploitative landlords who established their family farm business through collusion with a corrupted regime.

Under a self-serving government that promoted rural land circulation, private banking industry and foreign capital domination, most of the landlords (big family farm owners) acquired a large estate of farmland through providing high interest loans to the peasants, coercing the villagers to sell their property at a discounted price and intimidating those who refused to give up the right to their land. It is very much like what outgoing Premier Wen Jiabao and incoming premier Li Keqiang are doing at the moment after changed the term "landlord" to "family farm owner", only this time they are instructed by the global capital establishment to drive China's 600 million strong peasants out of their land by government force in the name of urbanisation to open the door for the foreign land acquisition, which is part of the deal to help Wen family dodge the corruption charges and to assist Li to get his dream job.

The women warriors' heroic story was first made into a film that becomes a classic, later the film was adapted for ballet which is known as one of the "Eight Model Operas", and the ballet was once performed by a group of French dancing artists.

This is an artistic impression "Open the Barns and Distribute the Grains" created by Chinese artists based on a stage scene in the ballet. The hero standing in the centre leading the redistribution campaign is the CCP Commissar who was played by one of China's best ballet artists Liu Qingtang.


After the Commissar was prosecuted by the criminal family farm owner, the captain of the detachment (an experienced veteran woman warrior) and the new CCP Commissar (a courageous and aspirational girl warrior) carry the red flag and lead the red army to continue the fight for a lost dream of "new China" which shall be free of, for instance, forced urbanisation and compulsory GMO plantation.



A victory for Chinese peasants for a brief period in history: Under the leadership of a genuine CCP that has very little in common with the ruling party in China today, two mafia-like family farm owners were forced to keel before their victims - the ordinary peasants - and got their properties distributed among the poor villagers.

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