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Premier Wen Jiabao's Kickbacks & Knives

17 February 2013

Chinese Premier and Massive Kickbacks

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao was accused of taking huge kickbacks from US political establishment, US financial institutions and US GMO companies. In a short message posted on a Chinese social network website about two days ago, the author demanded Wen Jiabao to clear up this serious allegations or to be investigated. The post was promptly deleted by China's strong and ever presented cyber police who are mainly hired by Wen's State Council Infomation Office to guard Wen Jiabao's personal reputation.

The following is English translation of the main content in the post:

The Wikileaks exposed that a top-level China leader took 10% kickbacks from purchasing US debts, 4.4% kickbacks from importing GMO food. The money he obtained is said to be deposited in his secret US and Swiss bank accounts, for which he was blackmailed by the US authority and consequently coerced to work under the secret directive of the US establishment for at least four years! I just want to know whether it is true.

Premier Wen and A Chinese Family's Kitchen Knifes

During the Chinese New Year's festival when all Chinese families are busily preparing for reunion meals, which inevitably involve in utilization of kitchen knifes, some households had these essential tools taken away by China's special security force, because out going premier Wen Jiabao somehow decided to spend his holiday with these poor guys, that led to a thorough security check of the premises 10 days prior to Wen's "random" visit and the confiscation of any object that might be used as a weapon to attack the country's most hated man.

Have you ever seen a dictator who is so scared of his people?


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