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Time for the showdown
Let's Plan the Strategy

17 February 2013

In the ancient land of China, two forces have engaged in a battle that will decide China's fate: One is headed by Premier Wen Jiabao, the vice premier Li Keqiang and the State Council that collaborate with a global plan to establish an universal order administrated by the 1% financial elites via their political agents based in Washington, while the another is spiritually inspired by Bo Xilai and partiicipated by the majority of ordinary Chinese people who are determined to defend Chinese nation's rights to survive and Chinese civilization's place in the humanity which they do not believe should be replaced by a less civilized Jungle culture. The two forces and the shadowing powers behind, and above, and blow thus pounced at each other for a final showdown.

The following are some fighting strategies that should be chiefly credited to Chairman Mao, who inherited China's great tradition in art of war and developed it into a modern warfare system, which nevertheless can only be fully applied to the campaigns that are fought for the interest of the majority people in the community, as its implementation requires the mass participation and collective effort. It shall explain why no matter how hard the West Point Military Academy studied Mao's military theory the US army is still unable to win any war since 2001. And it shall also justify our belief that these strategies will definitely benefit the current popular movement "Anti-Wen and Support-Bo" (降温挺薄) in China, and possibly #Occupy movement in the US as well as all resistance movements across the world against the global-government-wonnab-be.


Strategy: pit one against ten;
Tactics: pit ten against one.


Launch the offensive in a basically defensive operation - take offence for defence;
Quickly conclude each battle in a protracted war - concentrate your strength to overpower your target in each battle;
Never lose sight of the big picture - to catch the ringleader is the key to destroy the criminal gang.


When the enemy advances, we retreat;
when the enemy camps, we harass;
when the enemy exhausted, we attack;
when the enemy retreats, we pursue.

地道战 - 暗战
地雷战 - 暴料
破袭战 - 突袭
麻雀战 - 骚扰
伏击战 - 设局
围困战 - 聚歼
游击战 - 打一枪换一个地方
拉锯战 - 有一种进攻叫撤退
磨盘战 - 打不死你也拖死你

Tunnel warfare: undercovered wars;
Mine warfare: explosive shockwaves (when crimes are exposed);
Raid warfare: unexpected attack;
Sparrow warfare: fast gathering and fast disperse;
Ambush warfare: dig traps;
Siege warfare: set up blockage;
Guerrilla warfare: come and go like shadowes;
See-saw warfare: withdraw to hit out harder;
Attrition warfare: keep on keeping on to wear off your enemies.


1, The contest of strength is not only about military and economic might, but also about commander's determination, soldiers' morale and community support;
2, The richest source of power to wage war lies in the masses of the people;
3, The will of soldiers and the support of civilians are the most crucial factors in winning wars.



Modern China's founding fathers and Bo Xilai's father

Bo Yibo, the father of China's No.1 political prisoner Bo Xilai and one of the PRC's founding fathers, posed with his leaders Chairman Mao and Premier Zhou Enlai.

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