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NATO Air Strike and North Korea's Nuclear Test

14 February 2013

The US led Nato force early yesterday morning (February 13) air stroke an Afghan residence and killed 10 civilians sleeping inside, of which five were children, four women and one was an elderly man, reported by British Guardian newspaper.

Just a day earlier North Korea successfully conducted a nuclear test, which we guess is designed to prevent US killing machine from slaughtering North Korean kids, women and elderlies through air strike like what they did during the early 50s in both North Korean and China's northeast region, and like what they did in Iraq, Libya, and like what they did yesterday in Afghanistan, and like what they are still doing in Syria, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

But many Chinese cyber activists stand by the Obama administration, condemning the North Korea for having the nerve to follow suit of the US, of Indian (with the help of the US), of China to acquire nuclear capabilities. The following are some of their posts:

旋风柴进: 为什么朝鲜不应该拥有核武器? 因为朝鲜侵略越南,侵略南联盟,侵略伊拉克,侵略利比亚,侵略阿富汗,朝鲜向台湾出售进攻性武器,支持日本侵占钓鱼岛。朝鲜豢养中国汉奸公知,向中国兜售转基因毒食,支持疆独藏独,用中国儿童进行转基因黄金大米人体试验,包庇日军731部队反人类战犯,总之磬竹难书!

Why North Korea must not be allowed to own nuclear weapons?

It is because it invaded Vietnam, invaded former Yugoslavia, invaded Iraq, invaded Afghanistan, sold WMD to Taiwan, support Japan to occupy Chinese territory Diaoyu Islands, financially sponsor China's anti-China & anti-people "public intellectuals", promote GM toxic food in China, back Uighur terrorist organisation, instigate Tibet independence riot, secretly tested GM golden rice on Chinese children and harbour Japanese bio-war criminals .... and much more!

胖子冯中杰: 朝鲜到底有多邪恶?朝鲜侵略朝鲜,朝鲜侵略越南,朝鲜侵略南联盟,朝鲜侵略阿富汗,朝鲜侵略伊拉克,朝鲜侵略利比亚。朝鲜轰炸中国大使馆,朝鲜撞中国飞机,朝鲜向台湾出售进攻性武器, 朝鲜支持日本侵占钓鱼岛,朝鲜支持任何诋毁中国的势力,朝鲜支持藏独,朝鲜支持疆独,朝鲜支持轮毒!

North Korea is so evil who also bombed Chinese embassy, prompted mid-air collision at China border which killed a Chinese pilot, support anti-China cult fa lun gong and all other anti-Chinese civilisation forces.

鲍迪克: 为什么美国可以拥有核武器?因为美国没有有毒蔬菜,没有疯牛病,没有强拆,没有住房泡沫,没有次贷危机,有全民医保,免费教育.

While North Korea must not be allowed to own nukes, we support the God-given nuke owning rights of the United States, because the US does not produce toxic vegetables, has no mad cow disease, no forced demolition, no housing bubble, no home-loan crisis, but has an universal medicare system covering everyone and provides free education for all children.


It also because the US has the most safe campuses in the world that no gunmen can ever sneak in to kill the students. The US is also a society where you can not find a single homeless person.

Of course, not all Chinese agree with what they said. The following are the posts from some audacious yellow-necks:


Iraq had no nuke, Libya handed over the nuke material to the US, what are the consequences? [Which means if North Koreans do not wish to suffer the same miserable fate they must do opposite]

微天下: 本富士电视台12日晚对话曾参加联合国对朝制裁调查专家组的山本武彦教授。山本认为安理会已就朝鲜发展核武形成3份制裁决议,但问题是朝用于核武和火箭研发的物资通过第三方转入,制裁未能充分起效。全面禁运能源和食品是最有效的制裁,但会为人道主义者诟病。

Japanese consider North Korea's nuke test as a huge threat to the peace and urge the world community not to let North Korea get energy resource and food supply through trade so its people can be starved to death.

宋阳标: 日本鬼子还有脸说这些,朝鲜人侵略过日本吗?一个恶棍天天说在家磨刀的邻居要杀他,真是天大笑话

Has North Korea ever invaded Japan? Nope. In fact, Japan invaded North Korea, colonised North Korea, enslaved North Korea people and systematically killed North Koreans. A mass murderer keeps sharpening his knife [We would like to kindly advise you to probe deep into Japan's Nuke secret behind the quake disaster - Multipletext], while accusing his neighbour of wanting to kill him. Bloody Japanese can't be so ridiculous, can they?

季风增强: 核扩散的时期就要来临,萨达姆、卡扎菲不搞大规模杀伤性武器就被灭了满门,这是教训。伊朗再爆一下,全球同此凉热,大概就太平了吧。

Never forget what happened to Sadam and Gaddafi. Do not let the US monopoly the nuclear arms. If the US refuses to destroy its biggest nuke stockpile in the world, every country should have a right to acquire a nuke weapon for self defence.


Why every government feels free to bash North Korea? Because it has never air stricken and invaded other countries, so these politicans reckon it's quite safe to shove North Koreans around. If North Korea is as militarily strong as the US, will they still have the guts to bully her?

周本泉: 对“朝鲜核武对中国严重威胁”混账言论的驳斥: 一叫花子打狗棍是被狗逼出来的,是对付恶狗的;二美国亚洲搅局联袂美日韩菲律宾越南,中国是唯一标底;三我核武大国,加之传统友谊,朝鲜对中国构不成实际威胁;四朝鲜核武是围追堵截的突围,对东亚平衡特别是制衡日韩嚣张,战略十分积极!

North Korea developed its nuke capability which is a rather positive step towards neutralising the unbalanced and increasingly aggressive power in the region that is dominated by the US, Japan and South Korea.

*心*角*: 美国正式宣布制裁保利集团等中国企业和个人 中国就朝鲜核试验召见其驻华大使史无前例 尼玛,美国年年向中国小岛上倾泻武器弹药,枪口直指大陆,杨洁篪召见过美国大使提出严正交涉吗?你丫个狗汉奸——羊结石!

When the US sold weapons to Taiwan, has foreign minister Yang ever called the US ambassador to protest? I'm disgusted with what he did.

期待曙光168: 朝鲜核试究竟动了谁的奶酪?用得着如此疯狂咬人吗?怎么忽视了美国的核弹对中国威胁?疯狗难道希望美日韩随时攻破朝鲜威胁中国么?朝鲜领导人在没有中国核保护伞并面对美日韩军事威胁的情况下,肯定不想走萨达姆和卡扎菲的下场,捍卫主权很正常

Since North Korea is not covered by China's missile defence system like Japan and South Korea are according to the US military protection plan, she has no other choice but to develop her own defence/retaliation mechanism.

笑读苍海: 韩国可以射,朝鲜不能射;印度可以核,朝鲜不能核;美国高调承诺核护盟友,中国则放弃核护友邻承诺。朝鲜该怎样?

When the US openly declared it will assist its ally in the region to fight any wars, China abandoned its traditional friend. What do you expect North Korea to do then?

威武轩辕剑: 美国反动派是什么东西?是世界上最势利的小人,大嘴巴抽他,立马就来书房拜见你。为盟友两肋插刀那是扯淡,车臣格鲁吉亚怎么着了,小日本地震说来帮助,听说有核泄漏,立马闪了。

Don't believe what Americans said. They are the most unreliable friends in the human history. Just look at what happened to Georgia and Chechnya and Japan. After they learned about the nuclear leak, what they did? They ran away faster than rabbits.

资本能**: 朝鲜吓唬美国,美国就为难中国,中国就说朝鲜:你怎么就这么强硬,做个二奶多好啊?金三说:我是个爷们,怎么能象你一样啊!?

When North Korea intimidates the US, US turns to intimidate China and China turns to intimidate North Korea: Why do you have to be so difficult? What's wrong with becoming Obama's concubine? North Korea rebukes: Because I'm a man not a shemale.

东方红******: 不敢找美国,有能耐找朝鲜;到底有什么见不得人的污点握在美国人手里阿

资本能**: 对汉奸要彻底揭露,揭露他们头子,让他们的头子裸奔.

大鹏看天下: 2月13日,环球、中华、新浪等各大网媒均转发了香港中评社文章《朝鲜搞核讹诈让中国付出惨重战略代价》:第一,中国损失重大;第二,朝鲜根本不是美韩对手;第三,中国已做好朝鲜军国主义政权被颠覆的准备;第四,美国一旦攻朝,中国将旁观。

决战****风: 对兄弟声色俱厉,对美帝奴颜婢膝,软蛋当局难免这副嘴脸。只是越这样,你在美帝眼里越孙子


President Obama's fury: How dear you try to stop me from air striking your cities and villages, and killing your children, women and elderly men.

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