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How Manchu-qing Remnants Promote a Culture of Pro-military Invasion

14 February 2013

Over the years what Chinese people really do, say and think are seldom reflected in the state-media coverage. During the festival, Xinhuanet, the online portal of the Xinhua News Agency known as Premier Wen Jiabao's personal spin doctor, used the homepage to laud the invaders, in the past the at the present, and to condemn a nation that makes effect to maintain independence. It also indulged in spinning yarns about an online spin doctor who many suspect has a link to Wen Jiabao's office through Xinhuanet and a connection to Taiwan, judging by some terms it used ("族群撕裂“”国民认知").


What Chinese Say to Manchus

About Manchu's power display:

In Beijing a group of Manchu-Qing remnants with a pigtail behind their head waved long whips to demonstrate their power over the descendents of the native Chinese

虎视雄哉: 呵呵,慈禧快乍尸了.

Phew, it looks like Empress Dowager jumped out of her coffin.

cyberniuniu: 僵尸要爬出来了.

Manchu zombies clawed out of their graves.

诸夏亲昵: 作为包衣奴,做回主子估计他快爽疯了.

These clowns must get so excited for being able to live a day intimidating Chinese people.

花の茶道: 又加深洋人对中国人都是猪屁股的印象..

Once more, they remind the world of the old story that Chinese are all pigs with tails behind.

天涯明月的QQ: 辛亥**的烈士要被气活了

The martyrs of Xinhai Revolution will be incensed to life in order to continue their fight against the Manchu colonists.

lineage神话: 表演性质,取悦游客罢了.

Why you guys get so upset about the show, which is just for tourism promotion.

虎视雄哉: 但是这种鞑子祭天只会污染人们,给人们一个错误的思想,当初朱元璋也是花了很长时间才把胡人影响到汉人的坏习气赶走的.

Because this kind of cultural garbage will spiritually pollute the nation. Do you know how long it took Ming's founding emperor to purge the cannibalistic influence left by a wolf-worship Mongol dynasty?

lineage神话: 你要有钱,也可以租用天坛复原明代祭天礼。

If you have money, you can also rent the Heavenly Alter to perform Ming style prayer.

forrr1: 回复 lineage神话 :有钱有势也不代表可以为所欲为,不然咱是不是可以天天支持官二代富二代欺负小老百姓?

So you mean as long you have money you can do whatever you want? Will you support the corrupted officials to steal money from public purse if you are invited to take a portion?

lineage神话: 回复 forrr1 : 其它地区的国人不乐意的话也可以去租借场地呗,反正天坛现在是公园,人人都可以用。

Everyone can rent the Alter for whatever purpose. Now it all comes down to personal preference.

forrr1: 回复 lineage神话 :呵呵,这个时候就不说伤害汉族人民感情了?讲个人喜欢的乐意不乐意了?哪怕是曾经的屈辱历史现在接受了麻木了也就那么回事了?那如果有人在北京上演一处皇军入北平的大礼?是不是人人也可以用?说起来上次方正县不是给日本人搞了个什么碑被人骂声一片.

Well well, you are not talking about hurting somebody's feelings again, like Manchus always do whenever we pay tribute to our national heroes. And now you begin to talk about personal preference. How about staging a ceremony once held by Japanese occupation armies when they entered Beijing? Will you defend such personal preference?

虎视雄哉: LZ啊!说你这种2货,你试一下在南京大力宣传一下日本的大屠杀文化?别以为有了点臭钱就了不起。

Do you have the guts to promote Japan's culture of genocide in Nanjing? Don't get above yourself just because you have some money.

lineage神话: 譬如中日间,虽有血仇,但日本人过来中国宣传下日本文化,作下表演,大家也可以接受吧? 试问如果日本派人来中国表演神道教的祭神仪式,中国人会觉得受到侮辱了吗?会使人联想到南京大屠杀吗?

If Japanese come to China to perform Daoist rites, will that remind Chinese of Nanjing massacre and feel insulted?

forrr1: 那是两码事,如果日本吧靖国神社的大礼搬到中国来表演,中国人会什么感觉?

But if Japanese bring Yasukuni Shrine to China and perform the ceremony, yes, of course.

lineage神话: 回复 forrr1 :靖国神社祭祀的对象是战犯,不是神。不可相提并论。

In the Yasukuni Shrine, Japanese pay tribute to war criminals, but in Heavenly Alter, Manchus pay tribute to Heaven, do you think that's the same thing?

forrr1: 回复 lineage神话 :问题是原本是我们的宗教仪式,我们的神,我们的文化为什么要用入关者的套路来演绎?这就好比现在韩国人说我们的很多东西是他们的,我们能表示不爽不?更何况满清入关对我汉族曾经造成恶劣影响,韩国没有那种历史,仅仅可以说是偷,满清那叫是抢。

Heavenly Alter was built by Chinese and Heaven prayer ceremony is an integral part of traditional Chinese culture, why should it be interpreted by the invaded conquerors? South Koreans steal our culture, you Manchus rob our tradition.

A Manchu cap has been pierced by a sword in Wuhan, where the Xinhai Revolution was initiated.

What Chinese Say about this visual display:

封狼居胥: 不愧是首义之地

Wuhan, a proud city of Xinhai Revolution.

虎视雄哉: 我北京的,我表示极其痛恨这些满遗!

I'm from Beijing, and feel disgusted of Manchu remnants who are extremely active in the capital in promoting a morally degraded pigtail hanjian culture.


An anti-Wen Jiabao slogan was scrawled on snow in Beijing: Wen Jiabao, a high treason criminal

What Chinese Say

灰太狼: 广东民办教育专家、信孚教育集团创办人及董事长 、广州市白云区政协委员信力建本月24日发微博,公开美化伪满洲国,并称伪满“英勇的军队正同友军一起解放南京”,他作为公众人物,公然称侵华日军为“友军”,称发生了南京大屠杀的日军野蛮行径为“解放南京”,实在令人震惊。需要指出的是,即使日本右翼里,稍有社会地位的人也不敢这样美化日军侵华,他们至多争辩南京大屠杀中的遇难人数,进而质疑南京大屠杀的存在。信力建的言论完全不值一驳,需要探讨的是他为何敢于如此轻率地冲撞中国社会的基本价值底线,拿中国最苦难的那段历史开涮,美化沾满中国人民鲜血的那支凶残外敌。或许他在发这条微博的时候认为互联网的舆论环境会允许他这样做,兴许他还期待欣赏,他显然不认为自己会因为说这些话付出代价。中国舆论场近年有些混乱,历史认识是重灾区。对主流历史观的挑战比比皆是,从美化清末到美化民国,现在发展到有人要为伪满洲国翻案。

A Guangdong businessman and VIP consultant to government openly praised Manchuguo established by Japanese army and described Nanjing massacre as "liberation of Nanjing". The key factor here is why this scoundrel dares to challenge very basic human decency? That must have a lot to do with current political and cultural climate in China. [Premier Wen Jiabao seeks to whitewash his Japanese collaborator uncle which motivated him to work with Manchus to turn the Chinese history upside down, with the invaders and their collaborators hailed as pioneers for unification while the heroes who defended the nation denounced as separatists - Multipletext]

封狼居胥: 这样别有用心地纵容, 这些人迟早会取中南海而代之.

The authority willfully lets Manchu remnants distort Chinese history and insult Chinese people, it will sure backfire.

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