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After a month-long heat wave attack,
Shanghai is now under a week-long siege of toxic fog

7 December 2013

Shanghai's CBD on Thursday (December 5) morning had a dreamscape quality. Is this Shanghai's vision of Xi Jinping's China Dream in the era of "free-trade zone"?

Shanghai during the morning rush hour on December 5. (Photo by T98C from

Since last weekend, China's middle east coastal area, the Yangtze River Delta, which is the country's economically and culturally most advanced region, has been shrouded in toxic haze, and the smog lingered in the air day and night for a week.

A resident from Shanghai's Baoshan district told a reporter from a local media that looking down from his 18th floor apartment home, except an ocean of clouds he could see nothing else, not even a neighbouring residential highrise block 50m away from his window.

Reportedly schools in Nanjing, capital city of Shanghai's neighbouring province Jiangsu, as well as in many other cities in the province have been closed due to extremely unhealthy outdoor air pollution.

Chief engineer from Jiangsu's government department of environment protection said in an interview with a local media that the air pollution in the province is mainly contributed by industry activities, motor vehicle emissions and rapidly increased urban construction projects. If this assessment is accurate, then all these factors are closely related to Li Keqiang's detrimental policy that is called urbanisation.

Shanghai Air Quality Index




An devil in Beijing's Air

China's Central Discipline Committee boss Wang Qishan (王岐山) recently said: To forget the past means betrayal (忘记了过去就意味着背叛).

Here we have three pieces of past for Wang Qishan to remember: (1) A government official was tortured to death early this year by Wang Qishan's Discipline Committee (If Bo Xilai should be punished for Wang Lijun's crime, why Wang Qishan is not charged?), (2) Wang Qishan's luxury family mansion in the US and (3) The midnight calls from Wang Qishan to his best mate Ren Zhiqiang (任志强), one of China's biggest property developers who was exposed by China's state-television some days ago for billion yuans tax evasion.


What Chinese Say

About Xi Jinping:

尹舒 (


然而,薄熙来道路中的一个精髓,是习李既学不了、又不愿学、更不敢学的,这就是:面对中共的全党腐败全官腐败,必须通过集中打黑反腐,使绝大多数官员脱黑入白,较快地建立起一个好政府,才可使改革根基实、依托稳,才可真见实效,真得民心。黄奇帆无疑是比李克强优秀上千倍的总理人才,但薄熙来到重庆前,他浑身招数,又能有何为?重庆警察,原先是那样地黑到让百姓绝望,薄去后面目一新[而现在在转基因表叔孙政才何挺治下能火速再次黑到让百姓绝望 - Mul]



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